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Meet our Authors: Farhad Malekian - June 2019

Farhad Malekian is a Persian-Swedish leading authority in substantive criminal law, international criminal law, comparative international criminal law and criminal justice. His works have been used as course literature across the world. He was recognised by L’Association Internationale de Droit Penal as one of the “leaders in the field of international criminal law” in the twentieth century.

Farhad has been a distinguished leading authority on comparative international criminal law and procedure since 1992. He is the author of twenty books and a plethora of articles, which have been recommended sources and reading literature in law faculties from Europe to Vietnam.

Under Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Farhad has authored, co-authored or co-edited nine books. His most recent three books are;  Allegation by Political LaunderingClassical Morality in International Peremptory Criminal Law, and Corpus Juris of Islamic International Criminal Justice.

Farhad explains his reasons for choosing to publish with Cambridge Scholars Publishing, emphasising the freedom that authors have throughout the whole publishing process:

“I should like to start by conveying my sense of great honour which Cambridge Scholars Publishing has given me by inviting me to write my thoughts about the process of publishing a book with them. Cambridge Scholars Publishing have respected my writing and, without interference, have permitted me to freely lay bare my creative understanding of the relevant legal discipline.

There are publishers which may have different policies regarding publication, but with CSP one feels free of different restrictive ties and I have been able to develop my creative ideas with complete support from the publishing side. This not only includes the time schedule, but also continued communication with the author and necessary cooperation about the process of adoption of the work throughout the different levels of progress.  In addition, the publisher fully understands that it is solely the writer who is responsible for the metaphysics of the work and certainly not the publisher.  Otherwise, any judgments would be unjust. This means that CSP entirely respects the principles of freedom of expression.

Having thought much about the publisher’s function in our living academic world, I am confident in the ability of CSP to bring the voice and the message of the author to each relevant individual in the world. I also invite all good lawyers who care for the process of publishing - which is as equal as the process of writing a manuscript - to submit to CSP and consequently promote their work.”

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