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Meet our Authors: Tina Eftekhar - July 2015

Dr Tina Eftekhar is a spiritual leader of professional development specialising in gender, human rights, women’s empowerment and spirituality. She has over five years of experience at both national and international universities and in the non-profit sectors, working to serve women affected by all forms of violence, including trafficking and domestic violence, in a variety of roles, including those of researcher, lecturer, author, educator and advisor.

Her research interests include gender, law and women’s rights; violations against women; gender and new religious movements; and women’s empowerment in spirituality. She is the founder and director of the Institute for Transforming Women’s Self-Other Relationships, and has formed innovative training programs to help create and promote women’s self-empowerment through Inter-Universal Mysticism (IUM) and change in social and cultural norms, both locally and globally, in order to eliminate forms of violence against women, particularly domestic violence.

Tina has authored The Birth of a Celestial Light: A Feminist Evaluation of an Iranian Spiritual Movement Inter-universal Mysticism with Cambridge Scholars Publishing. This is her first book.

Tina describes the experience of publishing with Cambridge Scholars, emphasising the professional and helpful communication she had throughout:

I am very pleased with my working relationship with Cambridge Scholars Publishing and their supportive staff, who made my journey into publishing my first book so incredibly rewarding. I had a vision for my first book, and Cambridge Scholars was the only publisher that could make my vision come true without compromise. Their team was helpful and enthusiastic throughout the entire process, and they were there whenever I had a question or needed advice. I was amazed at the speed and efficiency of the whole service. When I think of my experience, compassionate communication, proficient service, and professional quality are three terms which come to mind.”

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