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Meet our Authors: Young Scholars - July 2014

Cambridge Scholars Publishing is committed to offering an equitable and rewarding publishing experience to academics across the spectrum of professional experience. We truly believe in the importance of nurturing and developing talent in academic publishing, as the wider academic community will benefit from an expanded pool of leading edge research.

Our CEO, Graeme Nicol, explains further:

“We recognise the difficulties facing young academics in their early career: the notion of ‘publish or perish’ is widespread, and PhD candidates are acutely aware that their publishing record will have a crucial impact on their professional prospects. Certainly, a Catch-22 situation can often arise where academics need a publishing record to be considered for post-doctoral publications, but struggle to get their foot on the publishing ladder. Some of these individuals are producing leading-edge research, and demonstrating great future potential. I do believe that the publishing industry should try to give the brightest young scholars a helping hand if their work is of an exceptional academic standard. We currently have a policy of dedicating 10% of our annual publication output to the work of aspiring academics who might be taking their first steps into the world of publication. With this in mind, I am delighted to announce the Meet our Authors campaign, as it offers other young academics an insight into the type of research we are publishing at this level and what they can expect from our publishing service.”

This month’s ‘Young Scholars’: 

Dr Wojciech Drąg

Lecturer, Department of English Studies, Wrocław University, Poland.

Revisiting Loss: Memory, Trauma and Nostalgia in the Novels of Kazuo Ishiguro

“My experience of working with Cambridge Scholars has been exciting and rewarding throughout the entire publishing process. Prior to delivering the final manuscript, I was offered a number of insightful tips regarding the substance of my book – the overall structure and the areas that needed developing – as well as its form. At various stages of our collaboration, the Cambridge Scholars team have provided me with a courteous, prompt and highly professional service. I owe a great debt of gratitude to all of them.”

Dr Julio Peiró Sempere

Lecturer, Department of English, International University of La Rioja (UNIR), Spain

The Influence of Mikhail Bakhtin on the Formation and Development of the Yale School of Deconstruction

“Publishing my book with Cambridge Scholars Publishing has been an extremely rewarding experience. They made every step of the process look very simple. It was very reassuring to know that for every question I had, I would always get a quick and professional response. I remember when they asked me about the cover design of the book. I said I had none, yet they created a wonderful one for the book in a very short time. The final product looks great! I just want to express my deepest gratitude to Cambridge Scholars for making one of my dreams come true.”

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