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At Cambridge Scholars Publishing we have a firm commitment to showcasing work that escapes disciplinary silos and which straddles various disciplinary fields while belonging exclusively to none of them. Our Multidiscipline collection is a platform for truly innovative and creative scholarship, with many of our titles exploring how multidisciplinary approaches can advance specific fields, and others combining different disciplinary techniques to fresh light on empirical phenomena.

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Behavioural Science for Students of Science and Technology

Dr Aligwekwe’s previous books have been exceptionally focused on reviewing African culture/tradition through history; aimed at both recapturing and, thus, perpetuating those laudable elements that could be submerged by some contemporary indiscriminate and harmful forces of change. These publications called for the elimination of th...
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Betraying the Event

In gaining an instrumental part, becoming a fashion, the victimhood theme has drawn attention to its fascinatory and manipulative aspects, and has asked for a critical reconsideration. This volume makes note of an attempt to sustain a conversation about changes in the ways the processes of victimization are written out and comprehe...

Blue Black Sea

This book presents the opinions of experts and researchers from the Black Sea states with respect to history, security, politics, strategy, energy, and economy in the region, and explains various dimensions of the present international relations and problem areas from both theoretical and conceptual perspectives.Offering the reader...

Book Illustration in the Long Eighteenth Century

Hitherto relegated to the closets of art history and literary studies, book illustration has entered mainstream scholarship. The chapters of this collection offer only a glimpse of where a complete reconfiguration of the visual periphery of eighteenth-century texts might ultimately take us. The use of the gerund of the verb “to rec...
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