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Innovative Solutions for Creating Sustainable Cities

How do we prepare for and manage the challenges and the transformations that are increasingly confronting cities? Solutions are necessary for the impacts expected from the global population movement toward urban centres; the evolution of technologies and its influence on the economy; the evolving socio-cultural fabric of our cities...

Advertising, Values and Social Change

This book provides a snapshot of the major social, cultural and economic changes that have taken place in the contemporary consumer society following the global financial crisis of 2008. It discusses brands, consumption patterns and advertising, and highlights their symbolic component. Markets are conversations, as the Cluetrain Ma...

The Music of Meaning

This book is about meaning in music, poetry, and language; it is about signs: symbols, icons, diagrams, and more. It concerns art and how we communicate, how we make sense to each other—including the concept of nonsense. It is about metaphor and irony. It embraces a vast human universe of signification and some of its cognitive mac...

The Age of Emperor Akihito

This book scrutinizes historical controversies regarding the past and the future of Japan in the age of Emperor Akihito. In Section I, each chapter discusses a different aspect of the historical controversy. The text then moves on to present a collection of the public discourse of Emperor Akihito, which offers a valuable source for...

The Evolution of Opera Theatre in the Middle East and North Africa

This book is the first structured and complete research work undertaken on opera theatres across the entire Middle East and North Africa. Until now, no single study has looked at every theatrical and musical institute in these countries. Many of the opera theatres that are examined here have had very little written about them at al...

The Marawi Siege and Its Aftermath

Despite the liberation of Marawi, in the Philippines, from the siege of terrorist groups associated with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the Philippines continues to confront the virulent threat of terrorism affecting international peace and security. To make sense of what transpired during the Marawi siege and the pano...

A Worldwide Guide to Retirement Destinations

This guide provides information on retiree destinations around the world, all based on research conducted by the authors and hands-on testimonies from each region. It consists of 10 chapters, starting with a general overview of retiree migration patterns, which examines the factors retirees consider when deciding on a destination. ...
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Computer-Mediated Communication for Business

This collection is a guide to greater communication efficiency in both clarity and time-management for any professional or aspiring professional. It guides the reader through the ways in which communicating through technology rather than face-to-face can alter their perceptions of others and the perceptions others make of them. Eac...

Considering Leadership Anew

For years now, leadership studies have emphasized functional social psychology approaches that reduce leadership to a couple of traits, styles, or recipes that supposedly give us the steps to follow when leading. The latter have taught us a lot, but are not enough to cope with the immense challenges of leading in a chaotic, intrica...

Integrative Explorations of the Creative Mind

The book is about creativity and relates to the field of creative cognition, divergent thinking, and innovation. The essays collected here highlight new and exciting explorations of ideas and theories of integrative approaches to the creative mind. This singularity allows a unique and fresh look at the concept of creativity. The pr...

Polarization, Populism, and the New Politics

‘Populism’ is one of the most frequently used terms in today’s political discussions. From Turkey to the United States of America, the effect of populist politicians is felt more than ever today. Indeed, it is an extremely common occurrence to come across a political commentator defining a politician as a populist in newspapers or ...

Semiotics and Visual Communication III

The chapters in this book consist of selected papers that were presented at the 3rd International Conference and Poster Exhibition on Semiotics and Visual Communication at the Cyprus University of Technology in November 2017. They investigate the theme of the third conference, “The Semiotics of Branding”, and look at branding and b...
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