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Birds and Women in Music, Art, and Politics

This volume depicts the struggle of birds for freedom, an endeavour similarly experienced by women in the United States and other regions of the globe. It is a prolific study of how creatures interact psychosocially. Sometimes, birds inspire humanity, and, at other times, humans desecrate birds. They may interweave seamlessly or ma...

Changing Horizons in the 21st Century

The twenty-first century presents a changing global demographic. People are living longer and older people comprise a continued greater representation in populations. This book provides detailed insights into ageing issues related to longitudinal studies, legislation, policy, and the ageing experience (including a personal reflecti...

Conceiving Migration and Communication in a Global Perspective

Migration and communication are issues of major concern in today’s world. This volume examines diversified approaches to migration and communication, and explores policy dialogues, migration governance, transnationalism, cross-border circular migration and many other viewpoints of importance today. It sheds lights on recent debates...

Contrastive Phraseology

This volume is addressed to researchers in the field of phraseology, and to teachers, translators and lexicographers. It is a collection of essays offering a comprehensive, modern analysis of phrasemes, embracing a wide range of subjects and themes, from linguistic, both applied and theoretical, to cultural aspects. The contrastive...

Foreign Policy Posture in Post-Apartheid South Africa

Foreign policy and domestic policy feed into each other. To a large degree, the latter informs the former. This book demonstrates the relationship between the two, paying particularly close attention to how South Africa envisioned its foreign policy during the negotiation process. Importantly, it spells out how South Africa’s forei...

Opposing Colonialism, Antisemitism, and Turbo-Nationalism

This volume gathers together reflections on racism and nationalism, empowerment and futurity. It focuses on collective amnesia in regards to traumatic events of the European past and the ways in which memory and history are presented for the future. The essays cover and oppose the seemingly disparate genocides committed during Belg...

Science and Biotechnology in Africa

The Society for the Advancement of Science in Africa (SASA) continues with its mission to advance science, improve health, and promote economic and social development on the African continent. It serves to push for continent-wide African innovation and new frontiers of scientific research. Its fifth annual conference was held joint...

Signs, Codes, Spaces, and Arts

This book delves into the concepts of general and spatial semiotics, discussing the differences and interactions between semiotic means of diverse types and levels. It introduces an integrative model (“the sign prism”) which unites many famous schemes of sign connection. It considers the human as a being included in a self-created ...

The Tragic Life Story of Medea as Mother, Monster, and Muse

This volume offers a critical yet empathic exploration of the ancient myth of Medea as immortalized by early Greek and Roman dramatists to showcase the tragic forces afoot when relational suffering remains unresolved in the lives of individuals, families and communities. Medea as a tragic figure, whose sense of isolation and betray...

Trends in Landscape, Agriculture, Forest and Natural Science

This work adopts a holistic approach to studies on landscape, agriculture, forests and natural sciences. As such, it represents a good starting point for anyone looking to learn more about these topics. The book includes research and studies from 50 contributors who are experts in their respective fields....

A Philosophical Look at Keynes and Hayek

This book examines the constructive crossing between philosophy, semiotics, and economics. The complexity of current socioeconomic policy problems demands revision of our conceptual outlooks and recognition of the importance of fresh insights into Keynes and Hayek in the context of capitalism and globalization, contributing to unpr...

Facilitating Interdisciplinary Collaboration among the Intelligence Community, Academy, and Industry

This volume describes, analyzes, and critiques the design and evolution of the Laboratory for Analytic Sciences (LAS), a National Security Agency-funded big data laboratory. The LAS consists of teams of intelligence personnel, who provide practical understanding of needs, targets, and tradecraft, working collaboratively with univer...
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