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Libya’s Past, Present, and Vision of the Future

The dynamics of religion, tribalism, oil and ideology have always been dominant in Libya, which is trying to establish a new order in the political arena after the Gadhafi regime and NATO intervention. This process, which has had painful side effects and faced various serious difficulties, is carried out with a certain system. This...

Revolutionary Nonviolence in Violent Times

This edited volume focuses on the evolving nature of peacebuilding. Chapters address important and timely questions, including how groups select their peacebuilding methods, whether any form of violence is acceptable, and the role of neoliberalism. Further, the contributions here, written from a variety of disciplinary perspectives...

Social Psychology of Pictures

We see and represent our social environment not as it is, but as we believe it to be. This is the thesis defended in this book, supported by conceptual elements and illustrated by numerous examples drawn from anthropology, developmental psychology, cognitive psychology and social psychology. These examples show that people sharing ...

The Soul in the Axiosphere from an Intercultural Perspective, Volume One

The essays collected in this volume form a multifaceted discourse on religious, philosophical, historical, ethnocultural and sociocultural, literary and linguistic issues. A multicultural approach to the problem of the soul allows the presentation of it on a microscale, focused on national and regional specificity, as well as on th...

The Soul in the Axiosphere from an Intercultural Perspective, Volume Two

This volume gathers together a broad spectrum of evaluations of the soul from different perspectives, including artistic (from literature and the arts), mystic and theological reflections on spirituality from the Christian religion, as well as from the Orient and Ancient Egypt. The contributions in this book will afford the reader ...

Transnational Interconnections of Nature Studies and the Environmental Humanities

How is ecothinking articulated in varied research fields? What are the conjunctions and concurrences of academic endeavors in the attempt to curb environmental destruction? This collection of essays offers a multifaceted exploration of the basic tenets of environmentalism proposed by academic curricula across the world. Ecodestruct...

The Context and Media of Legal Discourse

This volume provides new insights into the diverse and complex contexts of legal discourse and activity performed across a variety of socially and culturally informed digital media transformations. It addresses topical issues of legal discourse performed by Web-mediated technologies and (social) media usage in professional and inst...

Informational Linguistics

This book offers a systematic and multilayered description of the innovative scientific paradigm of informational linguistics. Today, communication is successful only as far as it is supported by the interpretation, representation and modeling of information. As such, informational knowledge is in high demand, particularly in the f...

Youth, Globalization, and Society in Africa and Its Diaspora

This edited collection provides a window into Africa’s diversity. A wide-ranging body of authors offers a valuable glimpse into the challenges and opportunities presented by globalization to the youth in Africa and its diaspora, while issuing a stern call for action to local governments to act now and tap into the energy of Africa’...

Agricultural Development in Andhra Pradesh

This book examines historical trends in agriculture and rural development at the sub-national level in India, taking Andhra Pradesh as a case study. It investigates agrarian development before and after the green revolution, and explores the impact of major paradigm shifts in agricultural development policy, including globalization...

Iconicity in Language

In linguistics, as in semiotics, iconicity is the conceived similarity between the form of a linguistic sign and its meaning. This book covers all aspects of linguistic iconicity in both spoken and signed languages, including definitions of all the relevant concepts and explanations of significant iconic words and expressions, and ...

In Search of a European Public Sphere

This collection is up-to-date and vital at the present moment which demands a special sense of responsibility regarding the tasks ahead for Europe, especially in the fields of media and communication. The volume adopts a wide range of approaches to the European public sphere, and provides much-needed insight into both Western and E...
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