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Intellectual Developments in Greece and China

This book presents a study of historical sociology and a comparison of ancient Greece’s and ancient China’s intellectual developments. It provides a special historical-sociological theoretical model, allowing the exploration of how and why Greece’s and China’s developments followed two different trajectories. This model allows a su...

Measuring Marketing and Brand Communications Performance

Under the contemporary business conditions of hyper-competition, incessant change and pressure for growth and profitability, better management of marketing budgets has become an imperative for companies. In addition, properly monitoring and measuring marketing and brand communication strategies and tactics has become a critical fac...

Sub-regionalism and International River Basins

This book investigates the origins and dynamics of sub-regional phenomena based on international river basins, namely the Mekong and Danube rivers. It emphasizes the integration process of the Greater Mekong Sub-region and the European Strategy for the Danube Region, which are located in two different geopolitical and structural se...

Aldo Capitini on Opposition and Liberation

This translation of Aldo Capitini’s quasi-autobiography is long overdue. It presents an edited series of his writings spanning his lifetime (1899-1968). An Italian philosopher of nonviolence, poet, teacher, political and non-secular religious man of compresence and persuasion, Capitini encouraged his readers to embrace the philosop...

Conflict Reporting Strategies and the Identities of Ethnic and Religious Communities in Jos, Nigeria

This book examines journalistic strategies in terms of the appropriation of media logics in the conflict frame-building process. Relying on three models (objectivity, mediatisation and news framing), it interrogates the role orientations and performance of journalists who reported the conflict involving the ‘indigenous’ Christians ...

Democracy of the Oppressed

The book revisits the concepts of “the new politics of welfare” and “Adivasi and Indigenous livelihoods”, situating the existing body of knowledge of these subjects within the context of state policy and the socio-cultural developments witnessed in India after independence, specifically the impact of the Mahatma Gandhi National Rur...

Rethinking (In)Security in the European Union

This book is the result of a series of studies devoted to assessing the consequences of migration from the perspective of the migration-identity-(in)security causality, with a specific focus on the Roma issue in France. It demonstrates that, in the context of the new European agenda on security, following the events of 9/11, immigr...

Communication in Postmodern Urban Fiction

We cannot imagine our world without its digital mirror anymore. We communicate to others in mediated ways and even create ourselves through our technological devices, presenting an imagined version of us to the outside world. This book is concerned with precisely this imagination of the self in an increasing digitalized society, go...

New Communication Approaches in the Digitalized World

The collection of essays reviews, explores and reports on the state of the digitalized world and a number of communication issues. It is a readable, non-technical publication which offers a comprehensive presentation of communication issues, trends, data, and likely future developments in the digitalized world....

A Mathematician’s Search for Technologies of Understanding the Universe

This book details the academic life of a mathematics researcher and nanotechnologist searching for modern technologies that can establish the survival of man in the universe. It discusses the struggles of academics to defend the scientific truth against the power and the interests of the wealthy. In doing so, it also considers dive...

The Dynamics of Changing Higher Education in the Global South

Today, there are generally universities in Africa rather than ‘African universities’. The legitimacy of the university in Africa is under serious questions now because of its complicity in racism, patriarchy, sexism, colonialism, capitalism, genocide, epistemicide, linguicide, culturecide, and alienation. In other words, the univer...

Israeli and Palestinian Collective Narratives in Conflict

Examining the “social laboratory” of the Israeli and Palestinian societies to better understand social conflicts and the construction of diverse and conflicting collective narratives, this book gives readers a window into Professor Shifra Sagy’s unique approach to intergroup conflicts and peace education. With a focus on both theor...
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