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Cross-Curricular Dimensions of Language Learning and Teaching

This volume discusses a variety of aspects of cross-curricularity in language learning and teaching. It highlights the multidimensional character of language classes conducted at different educational levels, from pre-school to the university level, and discusses several important issues from a theoretical perspective, providing ce...

Crossing Cultural Boundaries

To cross boundaries, to go beyond borders: an evocative idea, but what are the implications and consequences of transgression? How are boundaries challenged, redefined and overcome within the intricacies of taboos, bodies and identities? Crossing Cultural Boundaries: Taboos, Bodies and Identities brings together a range of articles...

Crossing Places

Crossing Places: New Research in African Studies brings together the work of twelve international research students, united by their interest in Africa. This new generation of scholars is questioning existing disciplinary frameworks and looking for new academic approaches to African history and culture in the twenty-first century. ...

Cultural, Linguistic and Ethnological Interrelations In and Around Armenia

The geographical region of the Southern Caucasus, the lowlands between the Black and the Caspian Sees and the Armenian and Anatolian highlands is located on the peripheries of Europe from Asia. This region shares a common pre-history, with pre-Christian and pre-Muslim cultures and beliefs. The later periods, however, starting from ...

Culture, Environment and Ecopolitics

Culture, Environment and Ecopolitics brings together a series of new reflections on historical and current ecological and environmental predicaments. By way of critical interventions in environmental thought, and through engagements with literary, visual, architectural, philosophical, and more general cultural studies scholarship, ...

Culture, Nature, Memes

This collection of essays on cognition, which involves continental as much as analytical approaches, attempts to observe cognitive processes in three areas: in culture, in nature, and in an area that can – at least from some point of view – be perceived as an “in-between” of culture and nature: memes. All authors introduce a certai...

Cultures of Trade

The revival of interest in the Indian Ocean is taking it into the interdisciplinary direction of Cultural Studies. Today, this new scholarship is faced with two major challenges.Firstly, the re-emergence of the economic strength of East and South Asia means new cultural and commercial developments, and secondly there is the challen...

Culture, Trauma, and Conflict

War has been pervasive in the 20th century and the 21st century seems to hold little promise of improvement. War is still one of the world’s most destructive forces, which on a daily basis touches the lives of millions of people. To increase our understanding of the pervasiveness and destructiveness of the institution of war, we ne...
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Curious Collectors, Collected Curiosities

Curious Collectors, Collected Curiosities: An Interdisciplinary Study asks its readers to enter into an investigation of the nature of collecting as an aesthetic exercise. Spanning the sixteenth century through today, this book gathers together the work of current scholars to re-envision the task of collectors and their collections...

Decentralised Governance in Tribal India

The potential of civil society in interfacing with the government for ensuring good governance has gained currency in academic and policy debates in the recent times. This becomes particularly relevant in an old democracy like India where the State has not been able to meet the need for basic things. However, the State provides spa...

Design and Emotion Moves

Design & Emotion Moves is an edited collection of papers presented at the 5th international Design and Emotion Conference in Gothenburg, Sweden. In spite of the wide variety of angles and approaches, all authors share the basic proposition that in order to understand users (or consumers) and their behaviour, one must understand the...

Discourse and Politics

Drawing on political discourse from a wide rage of settings and perspectives, this book is set to provide a descriptive and analytical tool for examining political discourse and will be welcomed by anyone interested in discourse analysis in general, and in political discourse in particular.Topics covered in this book include the st...
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