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(Dis)Entangling Darwin

Charles Darwin’s curiosity had a remarkable childlike enthusiasm driven by an almost compulsive appetite for a constant process of discovery, which he never satiated despite his many voyages. He would puzzle about the smallest things, from the wonders of barnacles to the different shapes, colours and textures of the beetles which h...

Dylan at Play

Dylan at Play offers a selection of writings that can challenge and engross readers eager for new ways to meet the singularity of Bob Dylan’s work. We have no interest in competing with the almost numberless and ever-increasing quantity of critical and encyclopedic writing on Dylan. Our goal with this collection has been play and n...

Eastern Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean has attracted scholarly attention through ages. As we talk of inter-Asian linkages and inter-regional arena studies, the connections through the Bay of Bengal (Eastern Indian Ocean) is a fascinating subject. This book is an attempt to understand how these issues of commercial and cultural linkages manifest along th...

EU and the Balkans

Integration and disintegration are the two poles of the economic, political and security discourse in an area, the Balkans and Southern Eastern Europe (SEE), which over the past fifteen years has been the stage of dramatic events. Integration and disintegration are the two dimensions of an identity problem that many feel the area c...

European Culture in a Changing World

In the words of Ezra Talmor: To deal with European Culture in a Changing World is to deal, in fact, with the reciprocal relation between Politics and Economics on the one hand, and Culture on the other. In an era when economic forces are pushing towards European Economic Unity or towards the Globalisation of National Markets it is ...

Europe and its Regions

Europe is getting closer. So are European social sciences. However, this is easier done in theory development and central research questions. When it comes to data the mutual understanding is far from perfect, due to a lack of knowledge about the data bases of the respective countries and the EU in general. This is particularly tru...

Exporting Paradise? EU Development Policy towards Africa since the End of the Cold War

The central aim of this book is to define the approach of EU development policy regarding Africa since the end of the Cold War. It focuses on the impact of EU development policy on the domain of international development and the objective of the EU to become a prominent international actor.The book relies on Martha Finnemore’s Soci...
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Failed and Failing States

State collapse is one of the major threats to peace, stability, and economic development in sub-Saharan Africa today. In a collapsed state the regime finally wears out its ability to satisfy the demands of the various groups in society; it fails to govern or to keep the state together. The collapse is marked by the loss of control ...

Florida Studies

Included in this volume are essays on various aspects of Florida Literature and history by scholars from across the state representing every kind of institution of higher learning. Of special interest are the studies of Florida literature in the 19th Century and in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, areas that are generally un...

Gazing at Welfare, Gender and Agency in Post-socialist Countries

The volume presents a new and unique view of welfare in Russia and Eastern European countries from an intersectional perspective of welfare, gender and agency. Since the collapse of socialism, the welfare structures of the post-socialist states have experienced large and rapid changes. The discussions on the reforming welfare model...

Gender and Trauma

This volume presents eight integrated essays that explore the intersection of the scholarly fields of gender and trauma, combining work that can broadly be located in the subject areas of literary studies, the humanities, and the social sciences.The contributors search for a more comprehensive theoretical ground to analyze the over...

Global Babel

Globalization as we know it today would be unimaginable without the revolution in information and communication technologies of the last thirty years. Yet have we achieved “one world” as the promotional hype for cellular and digital networks would have it? This collection of essays, Global Babel: Questions of Discourse and Communi...
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