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Cambridge Scholars Publishing offers a particularly strong and diverse collection of music books, ranging from interdisciplinary music studies in rapidly emerging fields such as ethnomusicology and music technologies to detailed studies and analyses of some of the world's greatest composers. Together, this collection forms a broad and thought-provoking music library which will be of interest to music scholars, educators and students alongside historians and the interested general reader.

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Anthony Burgess

This book, taking an interdisciplinary approach, proposes a new insight into the relationship between literature and music through the prism of Anthony Burgess’s works and those of his spiritual fathers, be they writers or composers. Exploring this relationship not only helps us to appreciate the complex mechanisms of certain artis...

Applied Ethnomusicology

Applied ethnomusicology is an approach guided by principles of social responsibility, which extends the usual academic goal of broadening and deepening knowledge and understanding toward solving concrete problems and toward working both inside and beyond typical academic contexts (International Council for Traditional Music 2007). ...

British Music and the French Revolution

British Music and the French Revolution investigates the nature of British musical responses to the cataclysmic political events unfolding in France during the period of 1789–1795, a time when republican and royalist agendas were in conflict in both nations. While the parallel demands for social and political change resulted from d...

Cesare Pugni

Cesare Pugni (1802–1870) made his debut as a composer at La Scala in 1826 with the opera Elerz e Zulmida, later becoming director of the Paganini Institute in Paris where he met the great choreogrpahers of the time. He began working closely with Jules Perrot, first in Paris, then in London. He also worked with Arthur Saint-Léon, Pa...
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