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A Fractal Epistemology for a Scientific Psychology

Fractal dynamics provide an unparalleled tool for understanding the evolution of natural complexity throughout physical, biological, and psychological realms. This book’s conceptual framework helps to reconcile several persistent dichotomies in the natural sciences, including mind-brain, linear-nonlinear, subjective-objective, and ...
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A Case for Radical Pragmatic Leaders and Personalised Learning Schools

Thousands of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds are forsaking education in secondary mainstream schools across Australia. This book places a sociological and lived experience phenomenological lens on public policy that is working against school inclusion, learning engagement and post-school opportunity. The school case stu...

A Mathematician’s Search for Technologies of Understanding the Universe

This book details the academic life of a mathematics researcher and nanotechnologist searching for modern technologies that can establish the survival of man in the universe. It discusses the struggles of academics to defend the scientific truth against the power and the interests of the wealthy. In doing so, it also considers dive...