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Optics with Atomic, Molecular and Plasma Physics

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Full Matlab Code for Synthesis and Optimization of Bragg Gratings

This book presents a theoretical description of fiber Bragg gratings, focusing on channels’ densification and the tunability of Bragg filters. It also includes a full Matlab code for the synthesis and optimization of several kinds of fiber Bragg gratings by using the directed tabu search, the simulated annealing method and the gene...

Muon Physics

Muon plays an important role in elementary particle, nuclear and atomic physics. Muon was discovered in 1936 in cosmic radiation. At present, it is very important in the framework of the Standard Model. With the discovery of a charm quantum number, muon and the accompanying muon neutrino play an important role in the quark-lepton m...

Fundamental Optics

In view of recent rapid advances in technology, one may be surprised to learn that at least two of the basic tenets of optics are over a thousand years old, namely the law of reflection and the law of reciprocity. This book serves to update existing knowledge about light with the help of new actual data derived from easily reproduc...

Simple Experiments in Optics

This book compiles over 40 experiments in optics which will be of interest to university, college, and high school students, as well as practicing engineers. These experiments deal with lenses, mirrors, gratings, polarizers, optical windows, optical filters, beam splitters, light sources, and light detectors. Each experiment is cle...

Optical Metrology with Interferometry

The accurate measurements of surface topography are becoming important to many applications in both engineering and science. Optical interferometry is considered a preferable technique for featuring accurate 3D surface profiling since it is non-contacting, non-destructive and highly accurate. In combination with computers and other...

The Modelling and Characterization of Dielectric Barrier Discharge-Based Cold Plasma Jets

Non-equilibrium atmospheric pressure plasma jets (APPJs) are of intense interest in current low-temperature plasma research because of their immense potential for material processing and biomedical applications. Depending on the jet configuration and the electrical excitation, plasma characteristics including heat, charged particle...

Optical Characteristics of Gas-Discharge Plasma in Mixtures of Mercury Dibromide Vapor with Gases

This volume presents the results of a number of studies on the spectral, integral and temporal characteristics of radiation and DBD plasma parameters on mixtures of mercury dibromide vapor and gases such as helium, argon, neon, xenon, krypton, nitrogen, and sulfur hexafluoride. Gas-discharge plasma in such mixtures is used as a wor...

Quantum Phenomena in Simple Optical Systems

This book explores the modern problems of quantum optics, and shows that, in simple optical systems, it is possible to obtain quantum states that are interesting from the point of view of modern quantum physics and quantum optics. In particular, the quantum behavior of the second and third harmonics and subharmonics generation proc...

Measurements, Instruments and Models of Applied Optoelectronics

This book serves to familiarize the reader with measurements of optoelectronic components. Its main focus is on the implementation of these measurements and the results obtained, specifically the static electrical and optical characteristics. It therefore links these measurements to solid state physics. Steps are taken to verify th...

The Properties of Optical Radiation Detectors and Radiometers

This is the first book to investigate the improved performance of optical radiation detectors developed from the ultraviolet to the far-infrared in the past two decades. The development and applications of these improved detectors opened up a new era in radiometric, photometric, colorimetric, and radiation-temperature measurements where earlier blackbody sources and lamps were used with lower performance and in limited application areas. This book will serve to help students, practicing scientists, engineers, technicians, and instrument manufacturers to learn, compare and select the proper detectors for building, using, and calibrating opto-electronic instruments with SI traceability and lowered measurement uncertainty in extended application areas.