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Personality, Social and Criminal Psychology

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Music, Longing and Belonging

With contributions from musicologists, historians, sociologists, anthropologists and literary scholars, this book provides an interdisciplinary perspective on how different modes of musical sociability – ranging from opera performances to collective singing and internet fan communities – inspire “imagined communities” that not only...

Negotiating Boundaries? Identities, Sexualities, Diversities

Negotiating Boundaries: Identities, Sexualities, Diversities is a collection of essays by contributors from—and/or on—societies across the world: Boznia-Herzogovinia, Croatia, France, Iran, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, South and West Africa, the UK and the USA. They are from a range of academic disciples—English Literature...

Performing Consciousness

Since its inaugural issue in April, 2000, the journal Consciousness, Literature and the Arts has regularly published essays on the intersection of theatre and consciousness. Often these essays have seen theatre as a spiritual practice that for both the performer and her audience can bring about experiences that help heal the world,...

Post Traumatic Survival

Some refugees who survive wars recover and thrive; others do not. This study sets out to discover what successful survivors of the Khmer Rouge regime found instrumental for both their survival and their mental health. The aim is to contribute to the understanding of resilience, here understood as the ability to recover from misfort...

Prosecutors’ Forensic Speech in Implicit Pragmalinguistics

What does a new branch of linguistics, Implicit Pragmalinguistics, mean? And what methods of analysis does it use? What are the peculiarities of prosecutors’ forensic speech as a speech genre? What kinds of individual speech behavior and stereotyped speech behavior do English-speaking and Russian-speaking prosecutors have from the ...

Psychological Model of Illness

It is important to address various psychological factors associated with chronic illness. Chronic illness requires proper health management because it cannot be cured fully but can be managed by both patients and medical professionals. The bio-medical perspective emphasizes the cure of illness based on objective clinical tests and ...

Researching the Self

Researching the Self originated in a conference held at the University of Amsterdam in 2005, where scholars from various academic backgrounds presented their current theories and research. One central theme that emerged from the conference is the need for interdisciplinarity in the study of self. The present volume tries to meet th...

Researching Work-Family Discourses

Gender talk and work-family issues have enticed many researchers worldwide in their wish to provide key insights into the globalised burden of balancing work-family demands. However, most studies follow the traditional quantitative methodology which fails to embrace the complexity of these issues. The present book is aimed to cover...

Sex and the Sexual during People’s Leisure and Tourism Experiences

Sex and the sexual have for far too long been consigned to the dark corners by social scientists in general and tourism and leisure scholars in particular. Sex and the Sexual During People’s Leisure and Tourism Experiences seeks to begin to rectify this situation by bringing the position and nature of sex and the sexual into the li...

Songs at Twilight

The majority of research and writing about visual impairment is influenced by medical models of understanding, and is usually undertaken by sighted experts about those who are visually impaired. Songs at Twilight takes a different stance and uses a collaborative narrative methodology to enable the author, who is visually impaired, ...

The Future of Post-Human Unconsciousness

Why should anomalous experience, in a general sense, be proven to exist, before they can be taken seriously? Contrary to the conventional wisdom held by many scholars in human history hitherto existing, the imaginative exploration of anomalous phenomena, even if all of them were merely the fabricated products of psychological con ...

The Power of Compassion

We entered the 21st Century full of anxiety, with the promised threat of a millennium bug that could potentially cripple our lives. Since then we have witnessed an increasing level of angst and despair across the world as warnings of climate change, and economic hardships have been forecast. Wars have raged, a new evil has entered ...
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