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Personality, Social and Criminal Psychology

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The Secret Keepers

Keeping the stories relating to childhood sexual abuse and violence secret within families seems core to the traumatic effect such abuse has on the lives of not just the person who has been abused, but also on their children and even their children’s children. This book demonstrates the uses of narrative practices both as a means t...

The Word of Light

One of the fundamental enigmas of our existence, and for that matter, God’s existence, is the act of creation. Has the cosmos been created ex nihilo or was it an intelligent design by God? Does God, having created the world, let it evolve and develop on its own, subject to the rules of evolution and chance; or does God intervene in...

Travellers and Showpeople

The late-twentieth century has witnessed a particular prominence assigned to the discourses of “difference” and “Otherness”. An examination of this “othering” discourse as related to Travellers, Gypsies and Showpeople ennumerates the projective function of the “Othering” process, a form of rejection and marginalisation that is the ...

Weighting Differences

Irrespective of the level of analysis, identity remains a vague concept, slippery, and insufficiently elaborated and defined. Be it individual or collective, ethnical or social, local or general, regional (e.g. the EU) or global, identity is a recurrent subject in political debates. Situated on the edge of history, anthropology, so...

Wild Beasts of the Philosophical Desert

Scientists rarely take ‘paranormal experiences’ seriously. Furthermore, in the recent past the concept of the ‘paranormal’ did not even exist in philosophy. William James, who extensively studied mediumistic phenomena, labelled them ‘wild beasts of the philosophical desert’.This book demonstrates that to important philosophers – fr...


Zona Norte: The Post-Structural Body of Erotic Dancers and Sex Workers in Tijuana, San Diego and Los Angeles: An Auto/ethnography of Desire and Addiction started out as an ethnographic study of prostitution on both sides of the U.S./Mexican border and, as cultural anthropologist Michael Hemmingson explains, turned inward as a study...

Applied Social Psychology

The concept of applied social psychology aims at using social psychology theories and principles to improve the functioning of institutions and individuals. The five chapters of this book contain carefully selected essays that approach both academic issues and empiric research results covering a wide range of interests. The ways in...

Remarkable Contributions

Designed to meet the needs of students, teachers, practitioners, and researchers, this fascinating and insightful, contemporary text is from an author who is a research scholar in the area of leadership, gender, and organizational studies. The book provides a firm grounding in theory driven by mixed methods research, including the ...

The Meaning of Sexual Identity in the Twenty-First Century

“Something happened in the 1990s”; a group of people who were perceived as radical and “unmentionable” were transformed into a group of people who deserved human rights, and, if you looked close enough, were “normal,” just like everybody else (John D’Emilio (2002). Had a “post-gay era” (Ghaziani, 2011) begun? And if so, how might t...

The Point of Being

Current digital processes of production, reproduction and distribution of information affect the perception of time, space, matter, senses and identity. This book explores the research question: what are the psycho-physiological dimensions of the ways people experience their presence in the world and the world’s presence in them? B...

Freedom Beyond Conditioning

If we live in the Western world we are said to be free. But are we? To what degree are we bound by our thoughts and emotions? What fuses us to habitual patterns of thinking and behaving? Are we ever really free of conditioning? Freedom Beyond Conditioning: East–West researches the complex world of emotional life. It looks at the mu...

A Sandy Path near the Lake

This book presents the long-awaited autobiography of Kovit Khemananda, a Thai Buddhist artist and spiritual teacher. Kovit’s life story begins near his home village of Tha Khura in Southern Thailand, on the shores of Songkhla Lake. He relates growing up surrounded by unique local traditions and abundant natural resources, including...
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