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Personality, Social and Criminal Psychology

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Revisiting Sexualities in the 21st Century

Sexual interactions are socially constructed within a historical, social and cultural milieu, and are continually defined and redefined accordingly depending on the surrounding economic, political, moral, and religious social forces. Although the human capacity for sexual expression spans a wide range of variations and permutations...

The Influence of Cultural Contexts in Learners' Attributions for Success and Failure in Foreign Language Learning

Attribution theory has attracted considerable attention in recent years, especially in the field of language learning. A great share of the research conducted in this area has attempted to uncover factors that could influence learners’ perceptions of success and failure in foreign language learning. Particular emphasis has been giv...

Science, Mysticism and Psychical Research

Science, mysticism, and psychical research are generally thought to be irreconcilable; this book centres on a towering synthesis achieved by the late Michael Whiteman, an Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Cape Town. It is revolutionary; Whiteman was able to meld mathematical physics and general science...

The Emotionally Intelligent College

In recent decades, there has been increasing focus on the role of formal education in empowering students’ social and moral development. A wealth of research evidence has shown that helping students to develop their social and emotional competencies can encourage students’ personal growth and can also yield benefits including incre...

Threads of Hope

On 1st October 2012, April Jones, aged 5, was abducted from outside her home in the small Welsh market town of Machynlleth. This led to the largest police search operation of its kind ever conducted in the UK, and a subsequent murder investigation and trial which was scrutinised by the international media.This book uses a collabora...
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The Care Factory

What is care? The Care Factory consists of six essays, each of which is an invitation to the reader to form an opinion on what care happens to be. Each chapter looks at care in a different setting, and a variety of psychoanalytic frameworks are employed on which to hang arguments. The eponymous first chapter investigates undergradu...

Proceedings of the First International Colin Wilson Conference

When the archive of the English philosopher and polymath Colin Wilson (1931–2013) was opened at the University of Nottingham, UK, in the summer of 2011, it was agreed among those present that a Conference should be arranged there to discuss his work. 2016 was mooted as an appropriate date coinciding with the sixtieth anniversary of...

Environmental Attitudes and Awareness

Environmental problems of pollution and degradation are a major source of concern globally. At all levels, efforts are being made to protect and preserve the environment from further deterioration. Measures are being taken at international, national and regional levels by governments and organisations to spread the awareness and co...

Myth and Emotions

The emotive nature of myth lays the foundation of the research proposed for this trilingual volume. The book provides a thorough and multifaceted study that offers guidelines and models capable of interpreting mythical-emotional phenomena. It represents a major contribution to a more informed understanding of an important part of t...

Narcissism and Sexuality

Everyone, by virtue of possessing a psychology and being a child, embodies narcissistic tendencies. Not everyone, however, is narcissistically wounded. A narcissistic wound can manifest in many expressions, from personality dysfunctions to rage. This book differentiates between a severe narcissistic disorder and a narcissistic woun...
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What Went Wrong with Psychology? Myths, Metaphors and Madness

In a fascinating analysis of the great psychological and sociological thinkers—including Freud, Maslow, McClelland, Durkheim, Skinner, Lewin and Mead—this erudite text challenges the models, myths and metaphors of modern psychology. Psychologists have promoted the view that human beings are the victims of internal and external forc...

Cosmic Consciousness and Human Excellence

Cosmoconsciousness, or cosmic consciousness, is a term used to characterize a transcendence of the limits of self-consciousness. As an ultra-state of illumination of the mind, the roots of the conception are embodied in the quest for a spiritual connection with multi-dimensional cosmos. This quest searches for spiritual development...
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