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The Cambridge Scholars Publishing Philosophy collection provides authoritative and innovative perspectives for academics and enthusiasts alike. Our selection of the best Philosophy books covers the major sub-disciplines, incorporating the analytic and Continental traditions, and the history of Philosophy. We are also proud to publish a number of critically-acclaimed Series on popular Philosophy topics, including leading insights about theoretical and applied Ethics.

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Assisted Death in the Age of Biopolitics and Bioeconomy

This book analyses assisted death in the philosophical context of biopolitics, searching for the form of resistance which would not produce ‘bare life’ and would not exclude marginalized social groups. A great deal of the criticism of euthanasia from pro-life movements associates this term with the Nazi practice of eugenics, and th...

On Noise! Philosophy – Art – Organization

This book explores the obnoxious behavior and movements of noise. However, what is noise? What is it doing to us and to our world? How can we live and move with noise? How do we produce and distribute our own noise? These questions and many more are discussed through a philosophical investigation of noise.Starting off from the stat...

The Dynamics of Changing Higher Education in the Global South

Today, there are generally universities in Africa rather than ‘African universities’. The legitimacy of the university in Africa is under serious questions now because of its complicity in racism, patriarchy, sexism, colonialism, capitalism, genocide, epistemicide, linguicide, culturecide, and alienation. In other words, the univer...

Looking for Origins

The book proposes an originology, an investigation into the discourses on origins. This leads to the identification of four different types of discourses on origins: the mythical discourses (biblical Genesis or Hesiod's Theogony, for example); the rational discourses (which either delve deeper or, on the contrary, attempt to disqua...
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