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The Cambridge Scholars Publishing Philosophy collection provides authoritative and innovative perspectives for academics and enthusiasts alike. Our selection of the best Philosophy books covers the major sub-disciplines, incorporating the analytic and Continental traditions, and the history of Philosophy. We are also proud to publish a number of critically-acclaimed Series on popular Philosophy topics, including leading insights about theoretical and applied Ethics.

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Aesthetics and Radical Politics

There has always been a strong connection historically between aesthetics and radical politics, and this is no less true for the global justice movement’s current preoccupation with cultural approaches to political action. The essays collected here seek to engage with past and present convergences between the theories and practices...

A Foucault for the 21st Century

How relevant is Foucault’s social thought to the world we inhabit today?This collection comprises several essays considering the contemporary relevance of the work of Michel Foucault. While Foucault is best remembered for his historical inquiries into the origins of “disciplinary” society in a period extending from the 16th to the...
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African Musical Aesthetics

In the West, philosophy is generally confined to the domain of the intellect, and music to the domain of the emotion. This book makes either domain the location for the other. African musical aesthetics constitutes this location, and has its home in it. Moreover, since the separation of the domain of the intellect and the domain of...

After God, with Reason Alone – Saikat Guha Commemorative Volume (Volume 8

Saikat Guha (1974–2008) wrote prolifically on many topics. Trained as a philosopher and physicist, Guha was interested in topics ranging from sexual ethics to Bell’s Theorem to Anselm’s ontological argument to Augustine’s persecution of the Donatists—though he was primarily a metaphysician. Guha studied at the University of Texas a...
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