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Physics and Metaphysics

The central thought of this book is that definite predictions of classical physics can be explained by mathematics of special relativity. The probabilistic nature of quantum mechanics is determined by peculiar mathematics which can only describe the quantum phenomena – this mathematics gives statistical explanations to these phenom...

Einstein's Pathway to the Special Theory of Relativity

This book pieces together the jigsaw puzzle of Einstein’s journey to discovering the special theory of relativity. Between 1902 and 1905, Einstein sat in the Patent Office and may have made calculations on old pieces of paper that were once patent drafts. One can imagine Einstein trying to hide from his boss, writing notes on small...

General Relativity Conflict and Rivalries

This book focuses on Albert Einstein and his interactions with, and responses to, various scientists, both famous and lesser-known. It takes as its starting point that the discussions between Einstein and other scientists all represented a contribution to the edifice of general relativity and relativistic cosmology. These scientist...

Einstein's Pathway to the Special Theory of Relativity (2nd Edition)

This book is a comprehensive monograph on Albert Einstein’s Odyssey to Special and General Relativity. This second edition brings together the most recent studies regarding the discovery of Special Relativity between 1895 and 1905 and pertaining to the genesis of General Relativity between 1905 and 1918. The book encompasses an in-...

Magnetic and Electric Resonance

This book is devoted to a quasi-classical treatment of quantum transitions, with an emphasis on nuclear magnetic resonance, nuclear quadrupole resonance and electric dipolar resonance. The method described here is based on the quasi-classical description of condensed matter, and makes use of the equation of motion of harmonic oscil...

Philosophical Semantics

This book offers an innovative systematic approach to the problems of meaning, reference and related issues, unifying in promising ways some of the best insights, not only of exponential philosophers like Wittgenstein and Frege, but also of some influential later theorists like Michael Dummett, Ernst Tugendhat, John Searle and Dona...
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Controllability of Dynamic Systems

The book is about the possibilities of involvement of the well-known Green’s function method in exact or approximate controllability analysis for dynamic systems. Due to existing extensions of the Green’s function notion to nonlinear systems, the approach developed here is valid for systems with both linear and nonlinear dynamics. ...

Einstein’s Quantum Error

What is it to be rational? This is the fundamental subject of this book as long as we concern ourselves to thinking about the physical world. It used to be thought by philosophers that rational thinking required the use of principles that are absolutes, that have universal application and require no justification. This book argues ...

Quantum Mechanics’ Return to Local Realism

This book proposes a model of the light knot electronic structure and the theory of quantum inverse measurement, showing that diffraction experiments can be explained by directional quantization. It points out that there exists a logical loophole in the interpretation process of quantum entanglement, and proves that there is a para...

Quantum Gravity and Cosmology Based on Conformal Field Theory

What is the world beyond the Planck scale that provides the minimum unit of the universe? The goal of quantum gravity is to reveal physical laws in such a world. There, quantum fluctuations of gravity become large, and what is called a background-free world where the concept of time and distance is lost shall be realized. The renor...

The Mind’s Interaction with the Laws of Physics and Cosmology

This ground-breaking book is about the emerging academic and practical study of subtle energies, which historically, have not been easy to detect. The unique experiments, numerous measurements, and resulting data presented here, have been collected over 30 years of research. The findings have resulted from pioneering discoveries le...
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