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Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s Physics collection comprises titles from across this wide and exciting field, including books on optical, atomic, applied, and high energy physics. Our books also inspect, and contribute to, new and novel approaches in physics, particularly quantum theories, quantum gravity, and innovative theorisations of entanglement and interconnectedness.  

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Einstein’s Quantum Error

What is it to be rational? This is the fundamental subject of this book as long as we concern ourselves to thinking about the physical world. It used to be thought by philosophers that rational thinking required the use of principles that are absolutes, that have universal application and require no justification. This book argues ...

Quantum Mechanics’ Return to Local Realism

This book proposes a model of the light knot electronic structure and the theory of quantum inverse measurement, showing that diffraction experiments can be explained by directional quantization. It points out that there exists a logical loophole in the interpretation process of quantum entanglement, and proves that there is a para...

Quantum Gravity and Cosmology Based on Conformal Field Theory

What is the world beyond the Planck scale that provides the minimum unit of the universe? The goal of quantum gravity is to reveal physical laws in such a world. There, quantum fluctuations of gravity become large, and what is called a background-free world where the concept of time and distance is lost shall be realized. The renor...

The Mind’s Interaction with the Laws of Physics and Cosmology

This ground-breaking book is about the emerging academic and practical study of subtle energies, which historically, have not been easy to detect. The unique experiments, numerous measurements, and resulting data presented here, have been collected over 30 years of research. The findings have resulted from pioneering discoveries le...
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Four-Fermion Models in the Theory of Electro-Weak and Strong Interactions

With the help of the path integration method, this book investigates the generation of dynamical mass in various four-fermion models, including models with the internal symmetry groups SU(2), SU(3), SU(5), and with CP-violation. It also explores the local SU(2)xU(1) four-fermion model with the composite Higgs boson, and shows that ...

D. H. Lawrence and Pre-Einsteinian Modernist Relativity

On the 15th of June 1921, during his stay in Baden-Baden, Germany, British novelist D. H. Lawrence (1885-1930) encountered the German physicist Albert Einstein (1879-1955). Lawrence read an English translation of Relativity: The Special and General Theory, which had been published in the previous year. The very next day he wrote: “...

Equations of Mathematical Physics

The differential equations of mathematical physics have a twofold character: their physical content and their mathematical solutions. This book discusses the basic tools of theoretical physicists, applied mathematicians, and engineers, providing detailed insights into linear algebra, Fourier transforms, special functions, Laplace a...

A Critical Perspective of Entropy Generation Minimization in Thermal Analyses and Optimizations

Thermal analyses and optimizations are very ubiquitous and important in academic research and engineering applications. In this field, the entropy generation minimization has been widely used and found to be effective in many cases. Sometimes, it was even used without checking the applicability, and seemed to be a unified theory th...

Full Matlab Code for Synthesis and Optimization of Bragg Gratings

This book presents a theoretical description of fiber Bragg gratings, focusing on channels’ densification and the tunability of Bragg filters. It also includes a full Matlab code for the synthesis and optimization of several kinds of fiber Bragg gratings by using the directed tabu search, the simulated annealing method and the gene...

Muon Physics

Muon plays an important role in elementary particle, nuclear and atomic physics. Muon was discovered in 1936 in cosmic radiation. At present, it is very important in the framework of the Standard Model. With the discovery of a charm quantum number, muon and the accompanying muon neutrino play an important role in the quark-lepton m...

Fundamental Optics

In view of recent rapid advances in technology, one may be surprised to learn that at least two of the basic tenets of optics are over a thousand years old, namely the law of reflection and the law of reciprocity. This book serves to update existing knowledge about light with the help of new actual data derived from easily reproduc...

Entropy for Smart Kids and their Curious Parents

This book discusses entropy and the Second Law of Thermodynamics in such a way that everyone can understand its subject matter. Entropy is one of the most interesting concepts in physics. Although it is a well-defined concept, it is still perceived by even well-known scientists as a concept cloaked in mystery. It is also the most m...
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