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Plant Science

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Physiological and Anatomical Implications of Salinity on Rice as a Semi-Aquatic Species

Rice is a well-established salt-sensitive cereal crop and is the second most widely grown and consumed food crop worldwide. It is also a semi-aquatic cereal crop. The rice plant has many adaptations for surviving the aquatic environment, which include the development of specialised roots called adventitious roots, increase in aeren...

Under the Microscope

This volume presents a wood anatomist’s study of the Tripitaka Koreana, the world’s oldest surviving printing artifact from 13th-century Korea. Whereas existing research on this most comprehensive and accurate version of the Buddhist canon in East Asia has relied primarily on incomplete textual evidence and on less than reliable or...

Adoption of Tissue Culture in Horticulture

Society provides human, physical and cultural resources for the growth and development of science and technology. In turn, developments in science and technology influence society. As such, technology and society are obviously in a reciprocal relationship, and all social institutions are affected by technology. Understanding the in...

Calculus in Plant Science

The book addresses the compelling demand for quantitative training in plant biology, including comparisons of the rate of processes, the size of structures and interactions among different processes, approached at different levels from molecules to the environment. Attention is paid to aspects of modern molecular biology and to mod...

Plant Bioactive Molecules

Plants have always been a source of nourishment and healing for living things. Their dual task of producing nutrients and medicines has played a key role in the evolution of herbivore and omnivore organisms. The so-called secondary metabolites are molecules with well-defined functional roles. These compounds are produced to defend ...

Botanical Speculations

Ground-breaking scientific research and new philosophical perspectives currently challenge our anthropocentric cultural assumptions of the vegetal world.As humanity begins to grapple with the urgency imposed by climate change, reconsidering human/plant relationships becomes essential to grant a sustainable future on this planet. It...

Proceedings of the International Conference on Plant Developmental Biology

These conference proceedings cover recent advances in the field of developmental biology in plants. The developmental processes explored here are mainly focused on photomorphogenesis, flowering time control and the circadian clock. The book will appeal to biologists, academicians, scientists, researchers and students, as well as re...

The Global Carbon Cycle and the Evolution of Photosynthesis

The book deals with the problem of the interaction and interconditionality of the various processes occurring in both the Earth’s crust and the biosphere. It proposes a model of the global carbon cycle explaining the nature and mechanism of these interactions, showing that the key element of this interaction is the photosynthesis c...