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The Healing Power of Ancient Literature

“Time heals all,” said Sophocles some 25 centuries ago. Taking the Greek dramatist at his word, two investigators—one a classicist and the other a licensed psychologist—organized a symposium to explore the capacity of the past to cure the ills of the present.The symposium’s premise was that literature, especially ancient literature...

The Plastic Venuses

A wooden horse in the archaeological site of Troy, plastic “Greek” statues on the seabed, resin columns at the Roman Forum, painted copies of Altamira and Lescaux grottos, Tutankhamun’s tomb in a casino of Las Vegas, fake Roman fortresses with legionnaires and gladiators, “Etruscan” vases in a hotel in Milan, Valentino’s creations ...

Trauma, History, Philosophy (With Feature Essays by Agnes Heller and György Márkus)

In the age of the war on terror and what one critic has called 'disaster capitalism', the topic of trauma has assumed renewed cultural relevance. Trauma, Historicity, Philosophy is a collection of essays by Australian philosophers, psychoanalysts, and cultural theorists on the genealogy, semantics, and relevance of the concept of ...

Video Vision

In recent years, the use of video has soared spurring debate about the body-camera-environment connection and other concepts a social scientist considering this research tool will face. In this volume we zoom in on ethics, methodology, and analysis, while also zooming out on a wider praxis. The time is here to collectively identify...

Wesleyan Theology and Social Science

Science and religion are living, organic, and creative traditions. Both see humans as profoundly interconnected and in some way responsible for our environs. This worldview is especially true for social science and Wesleyan religious tradition. While the dance between science and religion will always be complex, it can also be enj...

Women and Depression

Women and Depression is a multidisciplinary book. It is a collection of research papers and essays from authors in the fields of sociology, public health, psychology and psychiatry. It presents further interdisciplinary views on women and depression. The authors have communicated their professional experience, information and knowl...

Workplace Emotions

When John Wilkinson accepts an invitation to help one of the Kingdom of Bahrain’s most successful companies, he does not expect a lesson from the Gulf Region’s leading expert in “emotional intelligence.” As his team works to upgrade the aluminum plant’s inspection process, John learns the value of emotional intelligence as he witne...
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Pandora’s Box

This book presents the stories of 10 single women who are in their old age and have never been married, and explores the psychological conditions of these women. Specifically, it discusses issues pertaining to their self-concepts, mental states, and coping strategies. It also examines the women’s recollections of childhood memories...

As Mirrors Are Lonely

The Irish novel has demonstrated an ability to sample other forms and influences, to improvise and evolve in the light of changing circumstances. Peter Guy’s new study helps investigate the way in which Irish writers since the sixties have responded to these influences, re-examining their work through the theory of the French theor...

Sport Psychological Interventions in Competitive Sports

Sport psychological training, an important part of athletes’ preparation, can give them the final edge in competition. This book provides a systematic structure for conducting sport psychological interventions that can be followed not only by sport psychologists, but also by athletes and coaches. The authors describe sport psycholo...

Different Psychological Perspectives on Cognitive Processes

This book highlights some of the main lines of research in cognitive psychology in the Alps-Adria region, which, being geographically located in the centre of the European continent, encompasses eleven regions from six different countries: namely, Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Serbia and Slovenia. The reason for bringing togeth...

Conceptualizing our Interpersonal Impressions

This book clarifies a thorny and knotty problem that has interfered with clear thinking among psychoanalysts for over 70 years. It provides a rigorous examination of the views, theories and contributions of psychoanalysts since their initial appearance, to very mixed acclaim, among the experimental psychoanalysts who were strugglin...
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