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The broad nature of research in psychology is reflected in Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s extensive and varied list of some of the best psychology books, which offer titles of interest to researchers, teachers, practitioners and historians. Both single-authored monographs and edited collections from leading academic conferences present diverse insights from contributors world-wide.  With a particular strength in applied psychology, the Cambridge Scholars Publishing portfolio also spans wider topics including cognitive psychology, psychoanalysis, and social and criminal psychology.

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Documents on the Balkans – History, Memory, Identity

This book explores historical discourses on the various forms of identity production in film that are based on memory and shows how these narratives get 'mediated' by (documentary) film. Most films about the Balkans produced in the last two decades were in fact made in response to immediate concerns about the economic crises and po...

Dolls & Clowns & Things

In this volume, the author explores the symbolic relationship between the self and the object through a potentially illuminating lense—cognition. From this perspective, objects in general, and dolls in particular, are studied as vehicles through which cognitive processes adapt and re-adapt themselves, in various and specific ways, ...

“Don’t Disturb my Masterpiece!”

This book explores a philosophy of learning inspired by humanistic ideals. It reflects on the transformative possibilities opened up by active engagement with experiential domains. It draws attention to epoch-making transformations in the history of Western civilization that have exposed the dynamic relation between conscience, emo...

Embodying an Image

Drawing upon a diverse range of theoretical perspectives, and the rich resources of feminist cultural analysis hitherto little applied to the study of picturebooks and illustrated texts, Embodying an Image offers fresh and original insights into the gendered politics of identity and the sexual politics of looking in contemporary v...

Encounters | Materialities | Confrontations

This collection of texts is a first step towards providing a theoretical and methodological platform for the study of social encounters. The social encounter is a particular sort of concept, focusing on confusion, tension, trauma, and possibly social change that may emerge in situations of contact when people and things interact. A...
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Enhancing Human Performance

The chapters in this book have their origins in papers presented at one of two conferences organised by the Global Science and Technology Forum (GSTF): the Annual International Conference on Human Resource Management and Professional Development (HRM and PD) 2012, and the Annual Conference on Cognitive and Behavioural Psychology (C...

Enriching the Lives of Children

Enriching the Lives of Children is an exploration of innovations in teaching and learning. The book reflects scholarship, synthesis and creativity as the author reviews decades of research and practice on educational and instructional reforms designed to enrich learning and life for children, through novel and stimulating experienc...
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Entertainment, Leisure and Identities

This wide-ranging collection of essays seeks to challenge the ‘common-sense’ assumption that entertainment activities have no function but to fill up otherwise empty moments. As such it builds on the term – coined by the Victorians – ‘Recreation’, and argues that in the entertainments people pursue they do not simply divert themsel...

Environmental Psychology

This book contains a selection of nine detailed and varied research papers in the area of environment-behaviour studies. The papers are based on presentations at the 4th UK Environmental Psychology (EPUK4) conference that was held in Glasgow, Scotland in September 2005.The conference theme centred on a recurring debate in Environme...

Ex-centric Writing

The concern with identity and belonging, with place/dis-placement is a major feature of postcolonial literature and the theme of alienation cannot but be “topical” in the literatures of the countries that have experienced the cultural shock and bereavement, and the physical and psychic trauma of colonial invasion. The purpose of th...

Explaining the Mental

The aim of this collection of papers is to present different philosophical perspectives on the mental, exploring questions about how to define, explain and understand the various kinds of mental acts and processes, and exhibiting, in particular, the contrast between naturalistic and non-naturalistic approaches. There is a long...

Fandom At The Crossroads

Fandom At The Crossroads: Celebration, Shame and Fan/Producer Relationships is an in-depth exploration of the reciprocal relationship between a groundbreaking cult television show and its equally groundbreaking fandom. For the past six years the authors have inhabited the close-knit fan communities of the television show Supernatur...
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