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Picture of (Re)collecting the Past

(Re)collecting the Past

Historical Memory in Spanish Literature and Culture

Editor(s): Melissa A. Stewart, Nancy Beth Vosburg
Contributors: Carmen Sotomayor, Anthony Pasero O' Malley, Ellen Mayock, Kathy Korcheck, Kyra Kietrys, Victoria Ketz,

Book Description

This collection explores the role of memoria histórica in its broadest sense, bringing together studies of narrative, theatre, visual expressions, film, television, and radio that provide a comprehensive overview of contemporary cultural production in Spain in this regard. Employing a wide range of critical approaches to works that examine, comment on, and recreate events and epochs from the civil war to the present, the essays gathered here bring together research and intercultural memory to investigate half a century of cultural production, ranging from “high culture” to more popular productions, such as television series and graphic novels. A testament to the conflation of multiple silencings – be they of the defeated, victims of trauma or women – this project is about hearing the voices of the unheard and recovering their muted past.


ISBN-13: 978-1-4438-8685-7
ISBN-10: 1-4438-8685-8
Date of Publication: 01/02/2016
Pages / Size: 222 / A5
Price: £47.99


Jacky Collins is Senior Lecturer in Spanish Studies at Northumbria University, UK. She has published widely on contemporary Spanish crime fiction and lesbian cultures, including Crime Scene Spain (2009) and Lesbian Realities/Lesbian Fictions in Contemporary Spain (2011). She is currently researching European crime fiction, film and TV.

Melissa A. Stewart is Professor of Spanish at Western Kentucky University. She has published Testament in Prague (an English translation of Teresa Pàmies’s Testament a Praga; 2005) and numerous articles on contemporary Catalan narrative and detective fiction by women.

Maureen Tobin Stanley is Professor of Hispanic Studies at the University of Minnesota Duluth. She has published two co-edited volumes on female exile (Palgrave, 2012, 2007) and one on hybridity in Spanish culture (Cambridge Scholars, 2011). Her research includes the filmic, literary, testimonial and photographic representation of the Spanish Nazi camp experience. She has also published on contemporary cinema and narrative.

Nancy Vosburg is Professor of World Languages and Cultures at Stetson University, Florida, where she teaches courses in Spanish literature and film. She has published Iberian Crime Fiction, Lesbian Realities/Lesbian Fictions (with Jacky Collins), Un deseo propio with Inma Pertusa, The Garden Across the Border: Mercè Rodoreda’s Fiction (with Kathleen McNerney), and numerous articles and book chapters on Spanish women’s writing in exile, Spanish women’s prison literature, Spanish women’s crime fiction, and lesbian literature in Spain.