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Religious Studies

Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s Religious Studies books present advanced specialist scholarly knowledge on key topics including religion and ethics, morality and spirituality.  Thought-provoking interdisciplinary studies sit alongside in-depth explorations of religious thinkers and writings to form an essential collection of books on religion.  From broad-ranging anthologies to detailed ethnographic studies, these religious studies resources will provide valuable insights for theologists and historians but also the general reader interested in the many questions raised by religion today.

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And Man Created God

And Man Created God presents a new theory of mytho-empiricism based on the mythological concepts of Claude Lévi-Strauss and the structuralism of Jeanne Piaget. The whole nature of mythogenes as the creative force linking history and transcendence is then elucidated. The corpus of myths in the books of Genesis and Exodus are present...

An Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion

John Caird can accurately be described as a Hegelian, but it would be wrong to assume from this that he simply regurgitated the ideas of his German master. In the first place he offers a distinctive reading of Hegel, one which is particularly designed to answer the religious questions of his day. It is thus very different from most...

Antiquity and Social Reform

Although religious innovation in America has historically been the norm rather than the exception, mainstream Americans have often viewed new religious movements with suspicion and occasionally with outright alarm. The question motivating many studies of new religious movements has been “why would someone join these religions?” In ...

Applied Social Sciences

This volume, Applied Social Sciences: Philosophy and Theology, provides the reader with an important set of essays related to the two aforementioned fields of study. Aesthetics plays a key role in contemporary philosophy and several authors examine its various aspects, such as the question of identification of works of art; the con...

Approaches to Religion and Mythology in Celtic Studies

This publication is the first interdisciplinary collection of articles focusing on religion and mythology in Celtic studies. The first part presents various current viewpoints within the field from scholars of history, art history and literary studies. In addition to more traditional approaches, the other two parts of the book illu...

Archaeology Experiences Spirituality?

This book’s aim is to go beyond the limits of the contemporary scientific paradigm of “material culture” by presenting some of the issues confronting archaeology, as it attempts to approach the spirituality of the past.It brings together archaeologists from Western and Eastern Europe, and the USA who, more or less obviously, have u...

Arians and Vandals of the 4th-6th Centuries

As a background to this study of the Arians and Vandals in North Africa, and their impact on the Catholic Church, three books have been written recently by John Martyn, investigating the same period (late sixth century) and the same country. They are, firstly, Pope Gregory's Letters (published with commentary and translation by P....

Ark in the Authentic Domain

This volume is an innovative exposition of the person and teaching of Rabbi Johanan Ben Zakkai (the Rivaz), the 1st century Jewish sage who crossed the lines over to emperor Vespasian during the siege of Jerusalem. He proclaimed that for the Jews the learning of the Torah was even more essential than independence. Hence, he asked f...

Around the Point

Around the Point is a unique collection that brings to readers the works of almost thirty scholars dealing with Jewish literature in various Jewish and non-Jewish languages, such as Hebrew, Yiddish, Ladino, French, Italian, German, Hungarian, Serbian, Polish, and Russian. Although this volume does not cover all the languages of Jew...

A Spiritual Portrait of a Believer

The focus of this study is to discover the identity of the emphatic ‘I’ of Rom 7 with the added purpose of attempting to ‘draw’ a spiritual portrait of a mature Christian believer. To accomplish this purpose, the process is as follows: An examination of Rom 7, within its context, is conducted. This examination is followed by an att...

Back to the Future

This compelling and incisive study opens a fascinating window into the key genres of writing that emerged in Israeli writing during the 1980s and 1990s, and provides new understandings about how contemporary Israeli literature evolved to be what it is today.It examines the social and political background of the dramatic and broad t...
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