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Focusing on the social aspects of health and safety regulations, social studies of disease and disorders, and scholarship investigating concepts of risk, prevention, and pre-emption, Cambridge Scholars Publishing has a small but emerging collection in Safety books. Current and forthcoming titles will be of interest both to social scientists in various subjects, and to wider readers interested in the social dimensions of safety and danger in the twenty first century. 

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Road Safety

This book is dedicated to all road users, highlighting their responsibility to do everything to protect their own safety and that of others. It is also dedicated to all road designers to do everything in their power to adapt the system to the opportunities and constraints of road users. At this moment in time, this book is needed t...

Virtual World

The book acquaints the reader with the virtual world, which has become a part of the contemporary entertainment industry, an environment for both professional activity and communication.It discusses the role of computer games in people’s lives and the results of computer addiction studies. A separate section is devoted to the theme...