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Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s wide array of books on Sociology are widely cited and consistently acclaimed in international journals and monographs. Covering topics from masculinities and femininities to social studies of everyday life around the world, the collection consists of a wide variety of complimentary approaches to understanding the social. It will be a crucial reference point not only for social scientists, but for researchers in the Health, Life, and Physical Sciences seeking to understand social approaches to their areas of interest.

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Lavinia Fontana’s Mythological Paintings

This volume investigates emblematic and art-historical issues in Lavinia Fontana’s mythological paintings. Fontana is the first female painter of the sixteenth century in Italy to depict female nudes, as well as mythological and emblematic paintings associated with concepts of beauty and wisdom. Her paintings reveal an appropriatio...

Mobile Identities

Mobility has become one of the most exciting factors shaping our transnational and transcultural world today. However, the variety of approaches and stimulating debates it has engendered in geopolitics and sociology make it challenging for literary and cultural critics to establish solid approaches and own vocabularies. Through a v...

Myth Formation in the Fiction of Chinua Achebe and Amitav Ghosh

This book studies culture in terms of myths and how they function to construct the identity of communities. It focuses on myth formation in the fiction of Chinua Achebe and Amitav Ghosh, two major twentieth century authors from Nigeria and India respectively. The book analyses how these two authors use myth in their works to study ...

Shameless Sociology

In 2011, Showtime premiered Shameless, a comedy-drama about the audacious behaviors of the Gallaghers, a white, working-class family living in Chicago’s South Side. In 2020, the series headed into the production of its eleventh and final season, making it the longest-running original scripted program in Showtime’s history. Shameless explores topics such as poverty, alcoholism, teen pregnancy, and mental illness. The series has been credited with “reinventing working-class TV” and for humanizing groups that are typically “othered” or simply laughed at. However, others have critiqued the show for relying on and promoting stereotypes, and for the cavalier ways in which it portrays controversial social issues like rape and abortion. Shameless Sociology: Critical Perspectives on a Popular Television Series offers a critical eye toward topics such as gentrification, pregnancy and abortion, racial and gender inequality, and homophobia, and illustrates the ways in which Shameless sometimes confronts and topples stereotypes, yet, at other times, serves to reinforce and perpetuate them.Given the broad appeal of the show and the diverse topics it covers, this book will appeal to the general public, as well as researchers of media, culture, and social inequalities, and undergraduate and graduate students at institutions of higher education.
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