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Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s wide array of books on Sociology are widely cited and consistently acclaimed in international journals and monographs. Covering topics from masculinities and femininities to social studies of everyday life around the world, the collection consists of a wide variety of complimentary approaches to understanding the social. It will be a crucial reference point not only for social scientists, but for researchers in the Health, Life, and Physical Sciences seeking to understand social approaches to their areas of interest.

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Social Relationships and Social Participation of Women with Disability

This book provides insights into the experiences of women with physical, mental or sensory disability in terms of their social relationships and social participation, as well as the barriers and facilitators of their physical and social environments in that respect. It will be of interest to academics, health professionals, researc...

The Ethical Challenges of the Stem Cell Revolution

Stem cells, particularly pluripotent stem cells, hold significant promise for developing therapies for diseases and disorders for which there are no current treatments and for regenerating human cells, tissues, and possibly even organs. However, to be able to translate stem cell research into therapies, researchers must first address many scientific, ethical, and regulatory hurdles. The need for researchers and sponsors to demonstrate progress and the hopes of patient groups for new therapies have pressured researchers to move quickly into clinical trials and encouraged the opening of clinics offering unproven and unapproved stem cell treatments. This book tells the story of the development of the field, and identifies the ethical issues and challenges stem cell translation raises. It will be of interest to ethicists, scientists, and regulators working in the stem cell field, as well as the general reader following scientific developments.

The Gladiators vs. Spartacus, Volume 1

Using previously unpublished correspondence and personal journal entries from screenwriter Abraham Polonsky, neglected notices in Variety and other Hollywood trade publications, and a variety of published sources, this narrative backstory of rival movie productions of The Gladiators vs Spartacus documents that intense competition with greater precision and clarity than any other existing account. The key role that this little-known chapter of Hollywood's blacklist history played, in connection with Dalton Trumbo's successful effort to win screen credit for Spartacus, is now for the first time available to film historians and lay readers. A companion study, Volume 2, is devoted to Abraham Polonsky’s rediscovered screenplay.

The Luo People in South Sudan

This work draws from several interpretations and perceptions of Lou ethnic groups regarding their kinships, lineages, and the geocultural claims pertaining to their identity and sociocultural interactions among social groups and communities. It builds on the current literature and oral history to methodologically reaffirm kinships and establish ethnic lineages. Most contemporary Luo narratives come from Kenya and Uganda, in addition to those written by Western anthropologists and missionaries. None of these narratives have changed the content of the oral stories told by Luo groups and subgroups in Africa, especially those related to their lineages, ethnic affiliations, and their path of immigration from South Sudan to Tanzania, but have, instead, confirmed the history, stories, and mythology of the greater Luo groups in Africa. This book will serve to evoke intellectual curiosity among African social scientists, prompting them to conduct more research to further understanding of Luo ethnic groups’ ways of life and social interactions, as well as their contributions to the sociopolitical and economic development in the countries and regions they inhabit.
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