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Social Exclusion and Labour Market Challenges in the Western Balkans

This edited volume focuses on the challenges facing the Western Balkan countries in their efforts to deal with social exclusion and social inequality while making progress in their reform efforts to join the European Union. It examines how states have failed to offer adequate social protection to those excluded from labour market i...

The Politics of Culture

Cultural output over the centuries has come to both influence, and be influenced by, politics and social issues. Literature, art, music, film and television, graphic novels, and even more recent phenomena such as web series, internet channels, social media and consumer experiences have come to play a significant role in our underst...

The Realities of Policing Diverse Communities from Minority and Police Perspectives

From the mid-1990s onwards, Ireland experienced unprecedented growth levels in immigration from around the world, prompted by the country’s changing economic fortunes. In turn, the people of a very small and conservative country saw the rapid development of diverse minorities in their midst, especially in the capital, Dublin.From a...

The Role of the Social Media in Empowering Saudi Women’s Expression

This book reveals the mysterious world of internet forums and their masked participants. It details those masked activists surfaced in the online world and how they become influential in the printed press. Their impact and their struggle for reform are traced through their old, hidden identities. The study dives deep into the world...

A Reading of Violence in Partition Stories from Bengal

This book engages with diverse modes of representations of Partition violence and its consequences in a selection of Partition narratives from Bengal. Violence constitutes one of the most obvious images of this traumatic period in Indian history. Its dynamics of representation—the nature of violence, its impact on society and the i...

Forests for Public Health

Forests have diverse values and functions that produce not only material products, but also non-material services. The health functions provided by forests have been used for a very long time, but they have only been emphasized in many fields of society in recent years.The rapid increase in urbanization and the problems of stress, ...

Fighting Corruption in African Contexts

This book brings together leading African scholars and researchers from various academic disciplines, cultures, religions, and generations. It examines how to better mobilise and influence the actions, behaviour and attitudes of citizens towards accountability, transparency, and probity, in order to strengthen Africa’s integrity, e...

Chinese Immigration in Latin America

This book provides an overview of some of the current issues related to the social and cultural relationship between Latin America and China. In particular, it discusses challenges connected to Chinese immigration to various Latin American countries, including Costa Rica, Argentina, and Mexico....

Psychosocial Explorations of Gender in Society

The field of gender psychology is often dominated by work focusing on women. However, this book, adopting a psychological perspective, explores the various shades of gender, moving beyond its traditional binary division. The empirical research here provides insight into the significance of gender roles and identities in various sph...

Writing about Latin American Sovereignty

This book explores the relationship between Latin America and China, and how it affects Latin American states in regard to other international actors. It investigates how Latin America and China influence each other, and discusses their respective roles in the world. ...

A Decade of Change and Continuity in Midlife

Each year, for ten uninterrupted years, a group of middle aged adults told researchers about their wants and desires, their life stresses and strains, their sources of happiness and joy, and their perspectives on how their lives were—or were not—changing. This book summarizes the results of this unique and unprecedented study. Usin...

Management of World Heritage Sites, Cultural Landscapes and Sustainability

This book highlights the challenges and trends resulting from the relationship between tourist motivations, World Heritage Sites and local cultural uniqueness. With a special focus on Portugal and Brazil, several chapters refer to international cultural heritage experiences and destinations in Belgium, Cuba, Croatia, Italy, Japan, ...
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