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Strategy and Strategic Management

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Corporate Social Responsibility and Shell in Ireland

Francis O’ Donnell is an ecologist and business graduate from the Republic of Ireland. His current area of interest is the development of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). He considers culture a serious impediment to CSR’s potential to reduce social and environmental conflict in an Irish context. He is acutely aware that Multi...

How India Found its Feet

The economic growth of India during the decades of the 1990s and 2000s is well documented. There is, however, little available explanation for this growth and thus how this can be repeated. This book documents the unequivocal effort by some individuals and teams that fashioned globally competitive businesses during this short span ...
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"Show us what you’ve got"

Research has shown that entrepreneurship has a positive impact on productivity and competitiveness. In the face of the recent global downturn, the service sector remains a dominant force continuously creating a wealth of new jobs. Within this service sector, owners/managers are persistently building their brand and bringing positiv...

Strategic HRM and Performance

The purpose of this book is to contribute to the understanding of the debate surrounding strategic human resource management (SHRM) and organisational performance. The relationship between SHRM and organisational performance has been a heavily deliberated issue over the last decade. A survey of literature on SHRM and its impacts in...

Synergies Created by a Strategic Fit between Business and Human Resource Strategies

This text is an important addition to the ongoing discourse on strategic management, particularly, strategic human resource management. It is a result of research carried out in the agricultural sector, in general, and on multinational tea firms, in particular. The author’s hands-on and conceptual insights gained through nineteen y...

Advanced Business Models in International Higher Education

The future of higher education depends on how managers respond to the challenge of rising costs, changing labour markets and new technologies. More people will follow some form of education programme in the next couple of decades than did previously in all of human history. Most of the capacity to accommodate this demand will be cr...

China and the United States

In recent decades, China has been increasingly seen as a land of seemingly limitless opportunity for transnational corporations and economic growth. In the early 1990s, China’s late leader, Deng Xiaoping, welcomed multinationals into many strategic industries. Since then, this country has grown to become the world’s second largest ...

Aspects of Entrepreneurship

The pursuit of new endeavors unleashes a passion in the men and women that pursue them. This passion facilitates the practice of entrepreneurship by injecting the necessary energy and devotion to the recognition and exploitation of new initiatives. However, at times, practice clashes with that drive, so we are left to wonder how pa...

The Internationalisation Maturity of the Firm

In the 21st century, even small firms can reach customers located in different, often remote, parts of the world. In fact, internationalisation has become a common phenomenon that affects the majority of companies worldwide. Recent research emphasises that there are numerous determinants of a company’s competitive advantage in the ...

Megatrends and How to Survive Them

Behind the headlines, things are happening—remorselessly and inexorably. They will have more impact on the world than the passing news in today’s headlines. The new global environment will be very different. Are you prepared? How will you, your family, and your business cope?Today’s world is very noisy. How do you filter out what i...

The Mature Corporation

This volume represents the first textbook of the Maturity Institute, a new, not-for-profit, multi-disciplinary professional development institution established in 2012 to address the developmental needs of corporations. It explains the institution’s brief history, philosophy, goals, principles, strategic framework and measurement o...
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