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Strategy and Strategic Management

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Economic Value Added for Competitive Advantage

Economic Value Added (EVA®) has been a much discussed concept that has assisted in the turnaround of a number of multinational enterprises across the world. It is based upon the theory of ‘economic profit’ that enables companies to capture and create wealth both for themselves and their stakeholders. The strategic decisions of perf...

International Student Transitions

US higher education institutions host more than a million international students, many of whom speak English as a second language (ESL). As this number is projected to grow, it is vital that new curricular and non-curricular approaches to English language development are considered, including rigorous evaluation processes. This boo...

How to Manage Your Family Business

This book details ten of the most important aspects for success in a family business, and discusses how to begin the development of a common vision to deploy within the family firm. It uses the Middle East as an example of a patriarchy and its values, and how these may be transmitted to the family business and the next generation. ...

Proceedings of the BMU International Innovation Conference 2016

This volume brings together the proceedings of the BML Munjal University (BMU) International Innovation Conference 2016, held in Delhi, India. The conference was attended by academicians from across the globe and included discussions with industry executives. The book will appeal to the academic fraternity in the fields of manageme...

Studies in Sports Coaching

This book highlights the ‘gritty’ reality of sports coaching, inclusive of its messy, contested, humorous, self-actualising nature. The text initially offers a critical deconstruction of coaching as a socio-pedagogic endeavour, before presenting a subsequent reconstruction of how it can be done better. In being the first to provide...

Distribution and Supply Logistics

What is logistics? What is distribution and supply? What is supply chain management? Which elements create distribution and supply space? Which aspects affect storage design? Which information technologies are suitable for distribution and supply systems? What costs affect distribution and supply systems? These are just some of the...

Scalability and Sustainability of Business Models in Circular, Sharing and Networked Economies

This book explores many key areas of business science and practice. It is mainly centred on the field of strategic management with a special focus on the concept of business models and the new dimensions of the economy. In terms of economic conditions, the book discusses the principles of the sharing economy, the circular economy, ...
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