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Picture of Studies in Language and Cognition

Studies in Language and Cognition

Editor(s): Mats Andrén, Marlene Johansson Falck, Jordan Zlatev
Contributors: Nicla Rossini, Marlene Johansson Falck, L.A Devel;

Book Description

Using a plethora of concepts, theories and methods, the theoretical and empirical studies described in this volume are united in their approach of treating language not in isolation (e.g. as a “module”), but as both based on structures and processes of cognition, and at the same time as affecting the human mind. The book is organized in 7 parts, corresponding to some of the major fields in language research today: (a) linguistic meta-theory and general issues, (b) lexical meaning, (c) metaphor, (d) grammar, (e) pragmatics, (f) gesture and bodily communication, and (g) historical linguistics. At the same time, the non-modular approach to language adopted by the authors is reflected by the fact that there are no strict boundaries between the parts. Thus, the book is a valuable contribution to the growing interdisciplinary field of Language and Cognition.


ISBN-13: 978-1-4438-0174-4
ISBN-10: 1-4438-0174-7
Date of Publication: 01/02/2009
Pages / Size: 530 / A5
Price: £54.99


Jordan Zlatev is a Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Languages and Literature, Lund University, and is also one of the coordinators of the interdisciplinary Centre for Cognitive Semiotics (CCS), which investigates the evolution, ontogeny, history, typology and neuroscience of different semiotic resources. His research focuses on the role of bodily mimesis and the relations between language and consciousness.

Mats Andrén is a doctoral candidate at the Centre for Languages and Literature at Lund University, Sweden, and he is also a member of the Centre for Cognitive Semiotics (CCS). His thesis work focuses on semiotic, cognitive, and interactional aspects of the development of children’s gestures.

Carita Lundmark is a Senior Lecturer in English Linguistics at Kristianstad
University College, Sweden. She did her PhD thesis on how conventional
metaphors and metaphorical expressions are used for creative purposes in
British magazine advertising, and is currently using a newspaper corpus to
investigate the metaphorical use of downward motion verbs in English.

Marlene Johansson Falck’s PhD thesis discusses how important inventions and discoveries have helped us to structure language and thought in metaphorical ways. She is a Post-doctoral Fellow in the Department of Psychology, University of California, Santa Cruz, where she is conducting research on motion metaphor combining corpus-linguistic and experimental methods.