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Substance Abuse

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The Anonymous Society

The Anonymous Society is an in-depth anthropological study conducted in Portugal among the 12-Step associations Alcoholics Anonymous, Families Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. Here, the author explores thoroughly issues like therapy, addiction, ritual, religion, identity and anonymity, providing an insightful knowledge of these a...

Addiction and Performance

Addiction and Performance is a collection of essays offering a multidisciplinary exploration of the intertwined relationships between addiction, culture and performance. The problem of addiction is multifaceted, but existing approaches to it often emerge from the frameworks of single disciplines, foregrounding therapeutic or perhap...

Theory and Structure in Addiction and Cure

This book will be of value to everyone interested in the prevention of addiction and the detection, treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts. It interprets and applies research findings about the causation and cure of drug addiction using the author’s personality theory which is extensively compared with that of other personolo...