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Travel and Tourism Management

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Aspects of Tourist Behavior

As in other fields of research, the behaviour of consumers has also received a great deal of attention in tourism research over the past few decades due to its growing importance in the efficient marketing and management of tourism operations. The rapid development of IT applications and the equally swift changes of needs and wants...

Exploring Travel and Tourism

Exploring Travel and Tourism: Essays on Journeys and Destinations offers a broad treatment of topics in global travel/tourism studies through articles first presented at Travel and Tourism panels at Mid-Atlantic Popular/American Culture Association conferences between 2007 and 2010. Through archival research, close readings and cas...

Journeys and Destinations

Journeys and Destinations: Studies in Travel, Identity, and Meaning brings together scholarship from diverse fields all focused on either practices of journeying, or destinations to which such journeys lead.Common across the contributions herein are threads that indicate travel as a core component — as a concept or a practice — of ...

Romania as a Tourist Destination and the Romanian Hotel Industry

By the end of the 1970s Romania tourism was blooming and the hotel industry appeared to be strong and healithy... That bright period is still vivid in the minds of several generations of Romanians including the present politicians, whi believed that foreign tourist did not forgot their time spent in Romania, experiencing its bveaut...

Sustainability of Tourism

The subject of sustainability has become central to the discussion of how to succeed in the stable development of the tourism industry, due to the uncontrollable nature of supply and demand over the past few decades. Thus, this book examines policies and practices associated with the introduction of various methods in order to main...

The Heritage Theatre

The Heritage Theatre is a book about cultural heritage and globalisation. Cultural heritage is the stage on which the global community, smaller communities and individuals play out their similarities and differences, their identities and singularities. Cultural heritage forms an implicit cultural code governing the relationship bet...

The Leadership Imperative

This innovative work combines the fields of e-tourism adoption and strategic management, and identifies the combination of antecedents of technology adoption by distilling factors to identify the key determinant of the adoption of the internet for sales and marketing purposes in small, owner-managed travel firms. While it focuses o...

The Plastic Venuses

A wooden horse in the archaeological site of Troy, plastic “Greek” statues on the seabed, resin columns at the Roman Forum, painted copies of Altamira and Lescaux grottos, Tutankhamun’s tomb in a casino of Las Vegas, fake Roman fortresses with legionnaires and gladiators, “Etruscan” vases in a hotel in Milan, Valentino’s creations ...

Tourism Marketing

Tourism Marketing: On Both Sides of the Counter is the fourth successful publication by the team that runs the bi-annual Advances in Tourism Marketing Conference, following its foundation by Prof. Metin Kozak.The current volume contains a selection of the best papers presented at the conference in Maribor, Slovenia, in September 20...

Tourism Research

Compiled from research papers presented at the 2nd Interdisciplinary Tourism Research Conference, Fethiye, Turkey, held in April 2012, this book brings us all those papers related to varying fields of tourism research from an interdisciplinary perspective, encompassing fields such as geography, architecture, recreation, and culture...

Treat or Trick? Halloween in a Globalising World

In 1999 the French bishops condemned the celebration of Halloween in France. In 2003 the Moscow Department of Education recommended the banning of Halloween celebrations in all educational institutions under its control. In 2008 a group of Catalan intellectuals launched an internet petition against the Halloween celebrations organi...

New Tourism in the 21st Century

This book analyses the cultural elements of 21st-century tourism. The structure of the book is based on four main issues, which will help further the reader’s understanding of present-day experiential tourism: namely urban and cultural tourism on a global scale; specific studies of new products linked to reappraising the landscape;...
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