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Travel and Tourism Management

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Rethinking Asian Tourism

Rethinking Asian Tourism addresses some of the latest developments in on-going tourism research in Southeast Asia and the wider Asia region (encompassing, in geographical terms, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, and Korea). It examines many of the emerging, as well as established, themes and...

Tourism and Colonization in Indochina (1898-1939)

Direct flights to former imperial capitals, continued visits to the same tourist sites, and the emergence of tours dedicated to the imperial past all pose the question of the heritage of tourism in the former colonies. Lesser-known as a field of research, the study of tourism in colonial situations has begun to impose itself over t...

A Symphony of Flavors

Sound and taste conjugate a special relationship, and they are often presented and represented together. The linkage between music and food has been a traditional field for artists to suggest, among various emotions, love and sexual desire, happiness, fear, and rebellion, as well as environmental, urban, ethnic, and class values. T...

Contemporary Studies in Environment and Tourism

The tourism industry is striving hard to create attractive worlds for its customers. Both as a necessity and as a challenge, this field is overwhelmed by the imagination economy, but raises several questions about tourists, providing opportunities to move deeper into the understanding of complexities involved in relationships among...

Sustainability in Tourism and Regional Development

The economic and sociocultural significance of tourism today cannot be overstated. With the rapid growth of travel and tourism, more and more research is being undertaken in this field, with particular attention paid to the concept of sustainability.This book broadens the reach of such studies by providing comprehensive and rigorou...

Successful Case Studies in the Canary Islands' Tourism Industry

This book offers an interesting overview of good practices in the tourism industry. Its main strength is that its focus is not solely limited to hotels; rather, it provides several snapshots of the way economic activities of various different natures have been properly managed in order to make the Canary Islands a successful symbol...

Tourism in Bali and the Challenge of Sustainable Development

This work offers a cross-analysis of the development of tourism in Bali, combining international and intercultural (from Indonesian, French, Australian and English researchers), transdisciplinary and inter-generational research. It questions the capacity of tourism, to be a vector of sustainable development, by analyzing its variou...

Selected Studies on Rural Tourism and Development

Rural tourism is a form of tourism that is based on natural resources and requires intertwining with rural areas. It can be easily integrated with other types of tourism, and can be an effective global development strategy. Therefore, introducing rural tourism practices in various regions throughout the world allows further explora...

Traditions and Innovations in Contemporary Tourism

This book presents significant theoretical and empirical studies of various aspects of hospitality and tourism from the perspectives of both tradition and innovation. With thirty-nine contributors from Bulgaria, Croatia, Indonesia, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia, Switzerland, Turkey, and the USA, it offers a collection of recent regiona...

Hospitality and Tourism in Transition in Central and Eastern Europe

This book is the result of the joint efforts of hospitality and tourism academicians of eleven countries in Central and Eastern Europe – all of them members of La Fondation pour la Formation Hôtelière based in Switzerland, which for more than twenty years has supported the development and the evolution of hospitality and tourism ed...

The Effects and Consequences of Migration and Immigration on the Lebanese Economy and Tourism Sector

This book tackles several important and timely topics with regards to Lebanon, especially after the Syrian conflict. The contributions here analyse the situation of the internal and external Lebanese economy and tourism, and shed light on the causes and effects of migration and immigration. The articles provide detailed insight int...

Special Interest Tourism, 3rd Edition

This research-based textbook covers 15 chapters on food, film, shopping, medical, ghost, and suicide tourism, based on research conducted over 15 years on tourists from East Asia and Southeast Asia, the UK, the USA, Australia, Germany, and New Zealand. It introduces students, researchers, educators, tourist bureaus, and tour operat...
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