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Travel and Tourism Management

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Steps towards Sustainable Tourism

This book brings together over eleven years of experience in the field of sustainable tourism, and will serve as handbook for further insights into this field. It will cater to the needs of those within the sustainable tourism industry, who wish to widen their perspective of the field by gaining further understanding of its problem...

Managerial Dilemmas in Developing Countries

Since organizations and industries are the catalysts for sustainable development, managing organizations and industries along with resource protection dilemmas is critical for developing countries. This volume brings together contributions from experts and new researchers on managerial dilemmas in developing countries, and is divid...

The Global Manager’s Guide to Cultural Literacy

Global managers need to communicate and connect with many different cultures. The new language of business is cultural literacy, which encompasses basic knowledge of business language, culture and the local economy.This book provides a general overview and specific examples of cultural literacy. It will provide managers with a basi...

Tourism and Intercultural Communication and Innovations

This volume presents the results of Bulgarian and international tourism research, and brings together selected papers from the international conference “Tourism and Innovations” held in Varna, Bulgaria, in 2018. It contains theoretical and empirical approaches towards various aspects of tourism concerning both innovations in touris...

Sustainable Tourism in Asia

This collection brings together papers presented at two international conferences on the theme of sustainable tourism in Hong Kong, namely the “International Conference on Sustainable Tourism and Resilient Communities”, held on 6-8 May 2015, and the “International Conference on Sustainable Tourism and Global-Local Understanding”, h...

Environmental Management Concepts and Practices for the Hospitality Industry

Environmental management is essential to the successful operation of the hospitality businesses. This book simplifies the complex issue of environmental management for both students of hospitality and industry practitioners (such as hotel managers and restauranteurs). The study explains how global environmental problems affect the ...

Botswana Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Tourism Development

This book considers cultural heritage and the sustainable development of tourism from an African perspective, with Botswana as the main point of reference. Within the African context, Botswana is renowned for its abundance of cultural heritage and appeal to tourists. The collection reconciles the growing demand to commodify cultura...

Contested Tourism Commodities

This book discusses tourism niches as contested commodities that have grown and become part of the tourist setting in many destinations. Over time, they develop organically, and, in some cases, underground before they explode into the mainstream, and, more often than not, cause controversy. The text traces the roots of different to...

Management of World Heritage Sites, Cultural Landscapes and Sustainability

This book highlights the challenges and trends resulting from the relationship between tourist motivations, World Heritage Sites and local cultural uniqueness. With a special focus on Portugal and Brazil, several chapters refer to international cultural heritage experiences and destinations in Belgium, Cuba, Croatia, Italy, Japan, ...

Cultural Tourism and Heritage in Northern Portugal

This book presents a narrative of both an opportunity and a challenge. The opportunity is to develop routes of cultural tourism in the North of Portugal, while empowering and engaging communities in the protection of their cultural heritage. The challenge is promoting sustainable tourism, with an impact on economic growth, poverty ...
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