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Urban, Rural and Regional Economics

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Africa, Transport and the Millennium Development Goals

Transport is an essential service that must contribute to national development objectives in health, education, agriculture and other sectors in guiding sub-Saharan Africa out of poverty. Developing policies aimed at providing safe, reliable and affordable transport infrastructure and services can and will make a substantial and su...

Broadening Horizons

‘Broadening Horizons: multidisciplinary approaches to landscape study’ presents nine papers on physical landscape research in the Mediterranean and the Near East. Giving prime place to young researchers working in this field, it brings together highly diverse applications ranging from ground survey to semi-automated remote sensing,...

Cities to be Tamed? Spatial Investigations across the Urban South

Across the global South, the rapid urbanisation and uneven development that have occurred over the past few decades have brought to the surface a tight connection between social conflicts and urban space. Indeed, the physical conformation of urban space is one of the primary factors that trigger social tensions, with repercussions ...

Cultural Parks and National Heritage Areas

The number of cultural parks has been steadily increasing in recent years throughout the world. But what is a cultural park? This book provides a detailed answer to this question and sets out the basis for an academic debate that moves beyond the technical narratives that have prevailed to date. It is important to open up the topic...

Market Place

This book is about designing for food. It explores three fast transforming urban sites in London, centred on the regenerating spaces of Borough, Broadway and Exmouth Markets. It suggests that ‘food quarters’ have emerged in each place, modelling new forms of interconnection between physical design and social processes in which food...

Past Matters

Past Matters brings together a group of largely Australian and New Zealand academics who in a series of case studies consider how planning concepts were adopted, adjusted, adapted and extended in a Pacific Rim setting. The early chapters explore the interplay between British and American planning models and local circumstances in A...

Public Space in Informal Settlements

Public Space in Informal Settlements: The Barrios of Bogotá contributes to the debate on informal settlements by viewing them as an opportunity to understand different ways of seeing and thinking about the city. Public spaces in informal settlements, like the housing stock, are to a large extent the product of local self-help and s...

Urban Design

This book is about three different types of continuity from historic precedent to current practice in the field of urban planning and particularly that of urban design.The book begins by defining, describing and analyzing the three forms, which are:• Urban conservation,• Cultural tourism, and• Permanencies or Persistencies of Fo...

Urban Planning after War, Disaster and Disintegration

This book concerns the relationship between urban planning (and similar things) on the one hand, and war, natural disaster and societal or political disintegration on the other. The supposition is that one may mitigate the other. The book recounts the author’s professional experience of specific cases of disaster (earthquake and fl...

Urban Planning in the Middle East

This book describes diverse urban planning projects in Turkey, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates (Dubai and Sharjah) Kuwait, Afghanistan, Albania, Syria and Yemen. One thing in common between these countries is that the author has personally worked on all of these projects, and thus the book is a partial professional autobiography....

Human-Environmental Interactions in Cities

This book addresses international research communities concerned with conceptual, scientific, and design approaches to urban land developments and biodiversity. The main focus is on the understanding of human-environment interactions analysed by multi-disciplinary approaches. The articles in this important collection include new co...

New Faces of Harbour Cities

New Faces of Harbour Cities explores the changing so-called “faces” of harbour cities. Whilst urban regeneration and harbour cities are discussed as related realms within the wider field of urban competitiveness, few studies have attempted to give place to the broader set of economic, social, legal, environmental and cultural dimen...
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