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Critical Practices in Architecture

This book embraces the idea that in today’s complex world, multiple, emerging perspectives are critical to the design fields, the environment, and society. It also brings authors into conversation to focus on the built environment from the perspective of critical practice. The authors take as a starting point Jane Rendell’s ground-...

Trends in Landscape, Agriculture, Forest and Natural Science

This work adopts a holistic approach to studies on landscape, agriculture, forests and natural sciences. As such, it represents a good starting point for anyone looking to learn more about these topics. The book includes research and studies from 50 contributors who are experts in their respective fields....

Time for Architecture

Using time as a unifying theme, this book critically analyses many of the key concepts in modern architecture and urban design, such as modernity, innovation, timelessness and sustainability. Drawing on the statements of contemporary architects and with reference to a wide range of sources from history, philosophy, sociology and an...

Contemporary Studies in Sciences

This book covers a range of scientific disciplines, from interdependence between low pH and heavy metal stress, to the genesis of the Maldives, and from the importance of globalization in Turkey’s environmental policies on water to Bluetooth-based robotic model platforms for agriculture. Also explored are the fields of architecture...

The Art of Building at the Dawn of Human Civilization

This book offers a new, unconventional outlook on architecture, presenting some aspects of its evolution. It demonstrates how prehistoric people developed the art of building when trying to solve increasingly complicated spatial and structural problems. The book shows the activity of building to be in synergy with the parallel adva...
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