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Basic Medical Science

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Arts, Health and Wellbeing

This book brings together leading UK researchers in the field of arts and health, including creative arts therapies. The chapters are based on presentations originally given at a UK seminar series on scholarship and research on connections between the creative arts, health and wellbeing, funded by the Economic and Social Research C...

Dying to Eat

This book examines our oft emotional relationship with food; the way science has been used and misused by those who govern, provide advice to the public, or try to sell food; and why we tend to believe the statements about healthy eating that we wish were true, rather than those which are true. The book discusses and challenges how...

Recent Researches in Health Sciences

This book brings together 47 chapters related to various aspects of health science. The main topics explored here are obesity and inflammation, pain management, adolescent pregnancies, palliative care needs, nursing care, preclinical applications, elderly health, reflexology, healthy lifestyles, healthy life and nutrition, early di...

The “Calcium Paradox” and its Impact on Neurological and Psychiatric Diseases (Second Edition)

This book extends the original concept of the “calcium paradox” discovery, herein compiling more than 300 references in the field of calcium ion (Ca2+/cAMP) signalling pathways, neurotransmission and neurodegeneration, and neurological and psychiatric diseases. In this second edition, novel illustrations and tables (highlighting cu...

Learning from Empire

Internationalisation of medical knowledge, its circulation and implementation through colonial institutions have played a significant role in combating diseases of public health importance. With contributions from reputed faculty and researchers, this volume examines the dynamics of circulation of medical knowledge and the creation...

Basic Biology for Born Engineers

Physics owes much of its success to the application of differential calculus. Correspondingly, most laws of physics are formulated as differential equations. This success has created the prejudice that a science cannot be ‘exact’ unless it stands firmly on a foundation of calculus. This doesn’t, however, work for biology. Living th...

Selected Papers on the History of Medicine and Healthcare (2014)

This volume continues the Proceedings of the Calgary History of Medicine Days series which publishes the work of young and emerging researchers in the field, hence providing a unique publishing format. The annual Calgary History of Medicine Days Conference, established in 1991, brings together undergraduate and early graduate stude...

The Paradoxical Situation in Carcinogenesis

This volume is dedicated to the ethical problems related to carcinogenesis. It discusses the karyogamic theory in a new light, using new arguments, and considers the prospects of cancer prevention and treatment. The current stage of scientific development fails to answer such questions as: What is a cancer cell? What is its essence...

The Ultrastructure of Pathogenic Bacteria under Different Ecological Conditions

Today, the problem of bacteria variability occupies one of the key positions in microbiology. Particular attention is paid to the need to expand research to determine the variability of bacteria under natural habitats. There is still no solid information about the morphological variability of bacteria and its essence. This book is ...

A Neoclassical Realist Approach to Turkey under JDP Rule

This book addresses the shift in Turkish foreign policy in the post-Cold War era from a neoclassical realist point of view. In its analysis of Turkey’s pursuit of ‘an activist grand strategy’, it focuses on the interplay between international and domestic factors. It puts forth its argument through analysis of Turkey’s bilateral re...

The Importance of Becoming a Medical Educator

It is often assumed that healthcare professionals are effective medical educators simply because they have completed the required courses leading to their degrees. As such, they are rarely provided with the ongoing support needed to become consistently effective medical teachers.Developing effective medical teachers is a complex ta...

Reappraisal of Prevailing Premises in Sarcoidosis

This book advances an evidence-based, unifying conceptual view of sarcoidosis that accounts for many of its baffling and seemingly paradoxical features. It thoroughly explores certain aspects of sarcoidosis—including its fundamental nature, causation, relationship to neoplasia, and appropriate treatment—in which prevailing premises...
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