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Expanding our academic book Series - Cambridge Scholars Publishing 19 January 2015

Cambridge Scholars Publishing is very pleased to announce the expansion of our book Series portfolio in 2015. Whilst our well-respected Series titles have always been an integral part of our publishing programme, we recognise that there is a growing demand amongst our author community to expand our current portfolio, and publish leading-edge, peer-reviewed research that supports all scholars, from early career researchers to eminent senior academics, as well as practitioners.

To showcase the best collections of academic research and writing, we have established a specialist Series team at Cambridge Scholars Publishing, and have created a dedicated Series section on our website, designed to make specialist research more readily accessible.

A cornerstone of our Series programme is leveraging the expertise and networks of our Editorial Advisory Board, many of whom are experienced Series Editors themselves, and who ensure that our portfolio continues to have relevancy and impact.

Professor Emeritus David Weir explains this further:

“As Chair of the Editorial Advisory Board, I am delighted that Cambridge Scholars are committed to creating strong Series of scholarly books for the academic community. The value of a good Series is far more than the sum of the individual titles as a prime vehicle for disseminating authentic peer-reviewed knowledge to both scholars and policy makers. When I was starting out my academic career, one looked for Series that authenticated the discipline and offered reassurance on content and credibility. Now, I am working with the Board to support the delivery of this commitment in developing and promoting Series both within and across disciplines, by engaging the brightest minds to contribute to a wide range of edited volumes.”

Cambridge Scholars Publishing is proud to have published the work of many noteworthy academics in recent years. Rebuilding Sustainable Communities after Disasters is one of our more established Series, and continues to attract wide critical acclaim, appealing to scholars, public policy makers, Non-Governmental Organisations, for-profit and not-for-profit entities, and educators in creating awareness and understanding. Edited by Professor Adenrele Awotona, the volumes are based on research from the Center for Rebuilding Sustainable Communities after Disasters (CRSCAD) at the University of Massachusetts Boston, USA – a unique research unit dedicated to raising awareness and possessing the expertise necessary for long-term sustainable reconstruction after disasters, with a focus on vulnerable populations. 

This Series addresses and explores the issue of sustainability, with a broad multidisciplinary focus, encouraging global collaboration and providing a forum for communicating across different networks.

The importance of this is highlighted by our eminent Board member, Professor Mark Lemon:

“The term disaster is often linked to an event that has significant negative impacts on social, economic and/or ecological systems. Such an interpretation can fail to take into account that these systems are invariably interconnected, and that many disasters have a temporal and spatial story that extends far beyond the location experiencing the most disruptive and costly of these impacts. This Series of books presents a fascinating range of cases that draw upon this whole system and multidisciplinary interpretation in order to document the different paths followed by communities affected by disaster in their pursuit of more sustainable futures.”

Cambridge Scholars Publishing is offering our readers a 50% discount on the titles in the Rebuilding Sustainable Communities after Disasters Series. To redeem your discount, please enter the promotional code SERIES15 during checkout.  Please note that this is a time-limited offer that will expire on 22nd March 2015.

If you would like to learn more about the Cambridge Scholars Publishing Series portfolio, please feel free to browse the new and improved Series section on our website: or contact a member of our Marketing team with any queries:

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World Press Partnership: Cambridge Scholars Publishing 12 January 2015

2015 promises to be a year of continued geographical expansion for Cambridge Scholars Publishing, and, over the forthcoming months, we will be celebrating our partnerships with new and existing distributors worldwide.

Although our publications are already marketed globally, we are continually striving to distribute our academic works to the widest possible audience. To expand into new territories, develop new distribution links, and increase our readership, Cambridge Scholars Publishing source and work with leading distributors and agencies throughout the world.

This month, we are announcing our growth in Pakistan through our new partnership with World Press.

In recent years, the Pakistani publishing industry has boomed. From 2002 new Pakistani media laws were passed, resulting in a wave of accessible information that championed information and knowledge.

As a country that has been governed by dictators and shadowed by war, Pakistani writers attract a global audience and allow readers to move past the headlines of newspapers and live Pakistani life and teachings through their words.  

Our new partnership with World Press has furthered Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s position in the Pakistani Market. World Press (founded by CEO Saleem Malik) is a Pakistani distributor located in Lahore. As a company that represents leading academic publishers, World Press has aided Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s expansion in the region.

Saleem Malik, CEO of World Press, said:

“For the past 15 years, World Press has represented distinguished publishers in subjects ranging from Fiction to Social Sciences. We are, therefore, excited to start a healthy partnership with Cambridge Scholars Publishing, as their specialist knowledge and forward-thinking approach makes for an exciting and promising venture.”

 Please click here to find out more about World Press.   

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Editorial Advisory Board's 'Recommended Read' - January 2015 12 January 2015

This January, our Editorial Advisory Board member Professor Bill Speck has chosen his ‘Recommended Read’: one of our best-selling titles, noteworthy for the contribution it makes to its field. As Emeritus Professor at the University of Leeds, Bill specialises in Modern History and has taught in the History departments of Exeter, Newcastle and Hull University.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing is offering all of our readers a 50% discount on Bill’s pick. To redeem your discount, please enter the promotional code EABJAN15 during checkout. Please note that this is a time-limited offer that will expire on 8th February 2015.

Professor Bill Speck’s ‘Recommended Read’:

Documenting Eighteenth Century Satire: Pope, Swift, Gay, and Arbuthnot in Historical Context

Author: Pat Rogers

Pat Rogers has devoted a distinguished career to placing eighteenth-century poetry in its contemporary setting. This is essential for appreciating satirical poems, for satire deals with historical realities, and readers need to be familiar not only with the texts but also with their contexts. Commentators have consequently to be historians as well as literary critics. No scholar is better equipped in the disciplines of history and criticism than Professor Rogers, who here employs a wide variety of sources to document the people, settings and subjects of poems by John Arbuthnot, John Gay, Jonathan Swift and, above all, Alexander Pope.” 

For further information on Professor Emeritus Bill Speck, please click here

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Book of the Month - January 2015 12 January 2015

The beginning of a New Year is celebrated throughout the world in many different ways. In the UK, this usually involves eating a bit too much, drinking a bit too much and singing ‘Auld Lang Syne’—a Scottish poem by Robert Burns—on the stroke of midnight. 

However, with the homogenisation and heterogenization of eastern cultures in the West, the Chinese New Year is also widely celebrated by the British, typically with fireworks, colourful performances and hundreds of lanterns.

So it is with the beginning of the New Year, in both the Gregorian and Lunar calendars, that Cambridge Scholars Publishing has chosen our January ‘Book of the Month’: The Reception of Chinese Art Across Cultures by Michelle Ying-ling Huang.

The Reception of Chinese Art Across Cultures is a collection of essays examining the ways in which Chinese art has been circulated, collected, exhibited and perceived in Japan, Europe and America, from the fourteenth century to the twenty-first. Scholars and curators from East Asia, Europe and North America jointly present cutting-edge research on cultural integration and aesthetic hybridisation in relation to Chinese art and material culture.

To find out more, please click here to read a sample extract and contents page. 

We are offering all of our readers a generous 60% discount on this best-selling title. To redeem your discount, please enter the promotional code BOMJAN15 during checkout. Please note that this is a time-limited offer that will expire on 8th February 2015.

Please see below for highlights of the praise this book has been receiving:

“To challenge existing hegemonies within the discipline of art history, we need not only to pay greater attention to non-Western art, but also to stop putting it in a separate conceptual box. Examining the connections between what on the surface may appear to be different artistic traditions is one way to move towards a more joined-up understanding of art history, and The Reception of Chinese Art Across Cultures helps us with that process. Bringing together case studies from a variety of different cultural contexts and time periods, it aids a nuanced understanding of Chinese art’s reception in sites that may be far from those in which it was produced.”

-Professor David Clarke, Department of Fine Arts, University of Hong Kong

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Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr: Cambridge Scholars Publishing 09 January 2015

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Martin Luther King Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail, (April 16, 1963)

January 19th is a day when many will celebrate the birth of Martin Luther King Jr. As one of the first civil rights campaigners to create a shift in societal norms, his fight for equality has influenced numerous countries and cultures.

However, many will agree that there is still a long road ahead before either equality or peace can be fully achieved.  Although society is growing in acceptance, there are events today that still cause public outcry and spark demonstrations for equality. 

On August 9th 2014, American citizens protested in Washington after Michael Brown, an African-American teenager was shot dead by a white police officer, Darren Wilson. The demonstration was reminiscent of King’s march on Washington in 1963, in that both rallied for equality and protested against the unfair treatment of African-Americans. The shooting of Michael Brown, and its aftermath, is now known as the Ferguson Unrest, and has an unofficial national day, called the National Day of Resistance, which takes place on December 13th.  

For those who remember Dr King and follow in his footsteps, his powerful voice is still a source of inspiration for those who seek peace and justice. His legacy, his speeches and his works contain evocative messages that are not limited to campaigning for racial equality for African-Americans, but also resonate with anyone who faces prejudice.  

In support of the Martin Luther King’s legacy and the continual striving for social equality, Cambridge Scholars Publishing is offering our readers a 50% discount on titles based upon historic social shifts and on-going societal challenges. 

To redeem your discount, please enter the promotional code KING15 during checkout.  Please note that this is a time-limited offer that will expire on 8th February 2015.

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