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Civil and Structural Engineering

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The Venice Charter Revisited

With a foreword by HRH The Prince of Wales.The Venice Charter of 1964 was a major step towards better conservation of traditional buildings and places. It has since become the founding document of ICOMOS, the organisation for professionals in conservation. However, the requirement of clause 9 that new work "must be distinct from th...
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The Protection of Archaeological Heritage in Times of Economic Crisis

This volume brings together the proceedings of the conference “From past experience to new approaches and synergies: The future of protection management for archaeological heritage in times of economic crisis”, held in the new Acropolis Museum in Athens in 2012. The conference was organised by the Hellenic National Committee of the...

Large Dams in India

This book fills the existing lacuna in research in Science, Technology and Society (STS) through a review of existing studies of large dams in India, and analysing a case study of the proposed Tipaimukh dam project in Manipur, India. It reveals the strong connections between risk, technology, politics and environmentalism in the co...

Seismic Isolation Strategies for Earthquake-Resistant Construction

Earthquakes are catastrophic events that cause huge economic losses due to the vulnerability of the existing building stock. However, collapses of vulnerable buildings can be avoided if preventative measures, such as enhancement of their earthquake resistance, are implemented on time. This book will allow the reader to become acqua...

Seismic Assessment and Retrofit of Reinforced Concrete Columns

Reinforced concrete columns play a very important role in structural performance. As such, it is essential to apply a suitable analytical tool to estimate their structural behaviour considering all failure mechanisms such as axial, shear, and flexural failures. This book highlights the development of a fiber beam-column element acc...

Planar Trusses

This text contains 73 schemes of statically definable trusses, including girder trusses, frames and arched trusses, solutions for many of which have not been widely published. Among these, it is possible to separately distinguish trusses with externally hidden but dangerous properties. The book will appeal to both practical enginee...

Finite Element Analysis of Prestressed Concrete Structures Using Post-Tensioning Steel

This book details the theory and applications of finite element (FE) modeling of post-tensioned (PT) concrete structures, and provides the updated MATLAB code (as of 2019). The challenge of modeling PT prestressed concrete structures lies in the treatment of the interface between the concrete and prestressing tendons. Using MATLAB,...

The Baseline Mass Transfer Coefficient

The discovery of a Standard Specific Baseline Mass Transfer Coefficient (KLa0)20 represents a revolutionary change in the understanding, designing, operation and maintenance of aeration equipment, as well as providing a baseline for future research and development for water and wastewater treatment systems. Previously, it has not b...