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Picture of Comprehension of Wh-Dependencies in Broca’s Aphasia

Comprehension of Wh-Dependencies in Broca’s Aphasia

Author(s): Vanja Kljajevic

Book Description

This book investigates whether Croatian aphasics, in particular those diagnosed with Broca’s aphasia, have difficulty comprehending wh-dependencies. The tested structures include subject and object direct, embedded, long-distance and passivized who and which questions as well as relative clauses introduced by which.

It is shown that differences in the deficit patterns between English- and Croatian-speaking Broca’s aphasics are due to structural as well as processing differences. The Croatian data are explained in terms of a case-cueing comprehension strategy and the competition model.


ISBN-13: 978-1-4438-3666-1
ISBN-10: 1-4438-3666-4
Date of Publication: 01/04/2012
Pages / Size: 195 / A5
Price: £34.99


Vanja Kljajevic holds a Ph.D. in Cognitive Science from Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. Her research interests include language disorders, post-stroke neuroplasticity, language processing in the neurologically intact population, and cognitive deterioration in dementia.