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Computer Science

Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s Computer Science collection spans the entirety of contemporary research into computers and their everyday application. From graphics and AI to the design and development of software/hardware, the wide variety of titles in this collection will stimulate new research directions in the field of Computer Science while simultaneously serving as a touchstone for computer engineers.

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Business Performance Measurement and Management

Measuring and managing the performance of a business is one of the main requirements of the management of any organization. This book introduces new contexts and themes of application and presents emerging research areas related to business performance measurement and management. It draws authors from all around the globe from a va...

Digital Diversities

Digital Diversities is a groundbreaking interdisciplinary study of the social, social-psychological, philosophical and political ramifications of the ‘digital turn’ in human affairs. Focusing, in particular, on connections between the saturation of everyday life by digital communication technologies and 21st century global mobility...

Virtual Teacher

Today in the age of technology, contemporary researchers from the fields of philosophy, cognitive science, neurobiology, and artificial intelligence ask many questions about the nature of the mind and body, originating in ancient Greek philosophy. Among those, are also questions about the relationship between humans and machines, a...

Expanding Practices in Audiovisual Narrative

The last twenty or so years have seen a phenomenal expansion in the variety of forms of creative and narrative audiovisual expression. The increasing role of relatively recent developments such as the internet, mobile telephony and computer gaming, which complement the narrative representation of more traditional media, seems to ha...

Biometric Security

Modern biometrics delivers an enhanced level of security by means of a “proof of property”. The design and deployment of a biometric system, however, hide many pitfalls, which, when underestimated, can lead to major security weaknesses and privacy threats. Issues of concern include biometric identity theft and privacy invasion beca...

I Am

I Am: Remix Your Web Identity explores methods of designing and developing a personal website with RSS feeds that aggregate blog posts along with posts on social networks, such as Flickr, YouTube, Goodreads,, and Delicious, in order to regain control and ownership (as well as authorship) of one’s identity in one consistent ...

Formalising Natural Languages with Nooj 2014

This volume is composed of 22 peer-reviewed contributions selected from among the 52 presentations submitted for the 2014 International NooJ Conference held at the University of Sassari, Italy.NooJ is a linguistic development environment that allows linguists to formalize a wide range of linguistic phenomena, and then test, adapt, ...

Information Technology Ethics

This book focuses on how human interactions with technology and information systems could have important ethical implications for both businesses and society at large. By debating issues such as a law for robots, digital healthcare, and codes of conduct in the educational sector, this volume provides provocative insights which chal...

Scalable Video Streaming with Fountain Codes

The area of video streaming has seen tremendous growth in recent years due to the enhanced processing power, better compression algorithms, and increased bandwidths in emerging networks. Most of the latest communication standards are IP based, whereas the Internet provides only a best-effort service model and the priority-based ser...

The Discourse of Tourism and National Heritage

The Discourse of Tourism and National Heritage: A Contrastive Study from a Cultural Perspective presents an in-depth research study in the field of online tourism promotion. It focuses on the national online promotion of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, on two different types of websites – institutional and commercial – from three coun...

International Journal of Business Anthropology Volume 6 (1)

This journal has been discontinued. Any issues are available to purchase separately....

Towards a Sustainable Information Society

This book represents an important voice in the scientific discourse on what constitutes a sustainable information society, and provides a new comprehensive and forward-looking approach to such a development. This approach is based on the adoption of information and communication technologies (ICTs) by the main stakeholders of socie...
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