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Developmental and Educational Psychology

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Contemporary Perspectives and Research on Early Childhood Education

Contemporary Perspectives and Research on Early Childhood Education is a welcome addition to the field of early childhood education. This book enhances the understanding of different approaches to curriculum and instruction; appropriate assessment strategies; the role of math and science in children’s development; the importance of...

Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Education

This volume is a collection of essays on educational issues belonging to educators and researchers from three continents, namely Africa, Asia, and Europe. The essays are grouped into four sections: the first, “Teaching and Teacher Education”, encompasses collaborative learning, learning competencies, learning strategies, pre-servic...

Bringing Back the Child

This book presents a unique, multi-faceted investigation of the language abilities of three older adopted Romanian orphans who experienced extreme deprivation in their early years. Serena, Gabrielle and Ingrid were aged 7 years, 6 years and nearly 4 years, respectively, when rescued by UK families from the orphanages where they wer...

Building Stronger Communities with Children and Families

This book captures the essence of how communities that better support healthy child development can be built. It includes a look at key elements of the Australian Communities for Children initiative, using a collaborative approach that takes into account community, government and family. How can the voices of children be heard in d...

The Emotionally Intelligent College

In recent decades, there has been increasing focus on the role of formal education in empowering students’ social and moral development. A wealth of research evidence has shown that helping students to develop their social and emotional competencies can encourage students’ personal growth and can also yield benefits including incre...

Ageism in Youth Studies

Ageism is prevalent in a great deal of current scholarship in the social sciences as scholars fault youth for being delinquent or politically apathetic. Researchers ignore young people’s actual voices, despite their leadership in recent global uprisings, some of which unseated entrenched dictators. Neoliberalism must be exposed in ...
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The Influence of Teacher-Student Relationships and Feedback on Students' Engagement with Learning

This book presents a potential hierarchy between the three basic psychological needs central to Self-Determination Theory (SDT). Findings from the author’s research suggest that the motivation to exercise autonomy is an outcome that is cumulatively influenced by the perceived quality of the teacher-student relationship and students...

Teaching Psychology around the World (Volume 4)

This book provides a one-volume overview of psychology’s globalization, and will serve as a handbook for psychology professors around the globe wanting to internationalize and diversify their courses and curricula and seeking innovative ideas to enrich their teaching. Topics covered include practical tips to diversify specific cour...

William James and the Birth of Modern Teaching

This book examines the work of William James from the perspective of the educator, as well as the long-term influence he exerted over modern education. While much focus has rightly been given to William James’s other psychological works, many biographers, educators, and historians have not given due attention to his Talks to Teache...

The Emotional Lives of Young People with Autism

This study questions the validity of the American Psychiatric Association’s definition of autism, and offers evidence that even non-verbal children have an emotional life. Drawing on data from a series of intimate interviews with the parents of children with autism from three different cultures, namely the UK, India and Taiwan, the...

Potential Development Using Thinking Tools

Educators need to empower learners to be prepared for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, to be thinkers with the ability to pioneer the future. This book cracks teaching and learning myths that led to learners being perceived as knowledge duplicators instead of being knowledge creators. Thinking tools move the focus of learning from...

Putting Sleep Problems to Bed

Parents will love and enjoy this informative guide to fixing sleep problems in children. It provides up-to-date, evidence-based behavioral treatment strategies, and is authored by highly recognized and established experts in the field of pediatric sleep medicine. It uses entertaining stories to show how sleep problems not only impa...
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