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Economic Development, Technological Change, and Growth

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Central Asian Economies in Transition

“Central Asian Economies in Transition focuses on Central Asian countries (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Azerbaijan) and their economic ties with Turkey. The book first summarizes the current state of Central Asian economies, enhanced through statistics and details [of] the economic and political ...

Female Labour Force Participation and Economic Development in West Papua

This volume includes a considerable amount of material to provide a clear structure to a most wide-ranging and complex set of materials concerning female labour in West Papua. This is one of the most innovative and useful books published about the female labour supply in developing countries in recent years. This book provides an e...

Home and the World

Home and the World: South Asia in Transition, by Helen Asquine Fazio, V.G. Julie Rajan, Atreyee Phukan, and Shreerekha SubramaniamHome and the World: South Asia in Transition appears at a crucial, pivotal time for South Asia as it interacts on the global plane. For in this new millennium, South Asia is rising even as it roils with...

Land Law and Economic Development in Papua New Guinea

This book is devoted to an analysis of alternative land tenure systems in Papua New Guinea and offers a blend of philosophical, legal, sociological and economic approaches to this issue. The text is divided roughly into two sections. The first six chapters provide a religious, philosophical, historical, sociological and legal conte...

Moving from Infancy to Young Adulthood

Moving from Infancy to Young Adulthood is a contemporary review of the development of the Virgin Islands (BVI) within an economic and political context. Specifically, this book is an excellent medium presenting contemporary perspectives of how the BVI has grown and evolved over the past 50–60 years.Whenever a country is seriously c...

Sub-national Fiscal Sustainability in a Globalised Setting

This collection of papers addresses the issues of fiscal federalism, centre-state relations, fiscal decentralization, unconventional methods of resource mobilization for filling the huge gap in infrastructure financing and strategies for achieving fiscal sustainability at the national and sub-national level in the globalized set...

The Economies of the Balkan and Eastern Europe Countries in the Changed World

The rapid changes in the economic and political climate of the Balkan and the Black Sea countries demand continuous adjustments in the mixture of the implemented economic policy in the area. Under this framework, there is a special interest to investigate the impact of the global economic reality in these economies, the importance ...

The Evolution of the South African System of Innovation since 1916

In this book, Mario Scerri provides the reader with a novel and sweeping rendition of South Africa’s economic history from the early part of the twentieth century to the present. He applies a broad innovation systems approach to this history spanning the period from 1916, which saw the drafting of South Africa’s first Science and ...

The Shape of the East Asian Economy to Come

Sometimes we hope to see a "Savior" of the secular world coming from an unknown alien realm. Such imaginings can encourage us to create both new concerns and goals toward which we scramble. We are always looking for the birth of a Venus. Since the "Miracle of East Asia" was pronounced by the World Bank, Asian economic development h...

Turkish Economic Policies and External Dependency

Since the 1950s, the Turkish economy has periodically been facing crises. Decisions taken after crisis do not only have economic effects, but also social, political and diplomatic consequences.For the country, total independence was considered the main principle; economic independence was one of the substantial criteria of that pri...

Zambia Social Science Journal Vol. 3, No. 1 (April 2012)

This journal has been discontinued. Any issues are available to purchase separately....

The Clusters Phenomenon in the Selected Central European Countries

This book presents the current results of research conducted in the area of clusters and cluster policy development in Central European countries with a focus on Poland, the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic and Austria. It maps and compares the various conditions influencing cluster development in these selected countries from b...
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