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Economics, Econometrics and Finance

Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s Economics, Econometrics and Finance books span the entirety of these broad and complex fields, encompassing titles on the connections between economics and business, development, law, history, labor, and health. We also publish a range of introductory and methodological texts in these areas, ensuring that the collection is a vital reference point for economists, academics, and students alike.

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Planning Behavior

While ordinary people tend to make myopic, independent decisions, planners deal with linked decisions intentionally and act accordingly in space and time. Little has been said, however, about how these linked decisions should be made. This collection of essays extends the concepts derived from decision theory in order to explain pl...

The Story of Econophysics

This book will appeal to the lay-reader with an interest in the history of what is today termed ‘Econophysics’, looking at various works throughout the ages that have led to the emergence of this field. It begins with a discussion of the philosophers and scientists who have contributed to this discipline, before moving on to consid...

The United Nations System

This volume introduces the United Nations by considering its purposes, as stated in Article 1 of its Charter. It provides a concise history of this institution, and describes its structure, concentrating on its Funds and Programmes, Specialized Agencies, and Regional Commissions. It then splits the work into two different major sec...

The Welfare System and the Social Lifeworld

The key questions addressed in this book relate to how we should understand social welfare today. Is it a mechanism for promoting the virtues of altruism and other-regarding social values through the design of compassionate social policies which seek to enhance the quality of social relationships between citizens, or, is it a self-...

Towards Climate Action in the Caribbean Community

The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Member States, are among the first small island developing states (SIDS) to be affected by climate change. Each of the Member States emits less than 1% of global greenhouse gas emissions. However, they are confronted with this global negative externality. After more than two decades of negotiations...

A Guide to Financing Mechanisms in International Business Transactions

This book outlines features of international business transactions, and discusses their various associated risks. For the successful completion of an international business transaction, depending on its terms, both parties need access to funds. This text deals with financing mechanisms mainly in the international sale of goods and ...

Aspects of Digital Change

Digital change is a notoriously difficult endeavour to undertake. The public sector has engaged in many projects to embrace digitalisation. These include projects in health and social care, the benefits system, EU farm subsidy payments and child support payments, to name a few. Project timescales and budgets are over-run and aspect...

Foreign Direct Investment as a Tool for Poverty Reduction in Developing Countries

The textbook experience of poverty can be witnessed in a number of developing countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, South-East Asia and Latin America. Accordingly, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) has been identified as an important tool for poverty reduction, as it is noted to accelerate economic growth and employment in a nation, and i...

Modern Essays on Nigerian Law

This collection of essays provides critical and in-depth analyses of Nigerian law, with comparisons to the laws of England and Wales, Canada, Australia, the USA and Singapore. It brings together world-class Nigerian legal academics who teach in various and leading law schools across the globe. The contributions represent the entire...

Healthcare Facilities in Developing Countries

Beginning with an overview of the distribution and utilization of healthcare facilities in developing countries, this book presents an in-depth investigation of the role they play in Mau district, India. It analyses primary data collected through a sample survey of 680 households selected from 31 villages and two urban centres of M...

The Efficiency and Productivity of Indian Pharmaceutical Companies

This book evaluates the performance of the Indian pharmaceutical industry, which plays an important role in economic development. It highlights the role the government has had in facilitating the growth of the industry from non-existence, before the 1970s, to being one of the largest pharmaceutical industries in the world today. Th...

Demand Articulation of Emerging Technologies

In today’s high-tech environment, we have to conceptualize a sophisticated translation skill that converts a vague set of wants into well-defined products. To do so, we must come to the concept of “demand articulation.” Marketing scholars have summarized that this concept is an important competency of market-driving firms. Most fir...
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