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Environmental Sciences

While complementing our titles in the Social Sciences on the philosophy and future of conversation, Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s Environmental Sciences collection focuses more acutely on issues of ecotoxicology, environmental monitoring and analysis, and the scientific analysis of environmental change at different scales from the local to the global. A collection that is fundamentally interdisciplinary in nature, it will be of interest to all those concerned with the ongoing management of our fragile environment.

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Fuel for the Future

We are currently facing a global problem caused by increasing levels of greenhouse gases, mostly derived from fossil fuels, resulting in climate change. Communities want an affordable and secure supply of power alongside emissions reductions. Coal electricity generation offers a secure and affordable supply, but, currently, this co...

Intelligent Systems in Buildings

Although many researchers believe that intelligent systems (IS) can improve building performance, the potential of such systems has not yet been fully recognized with regards to the traditional courtyard house (TCHT). Such research is important given the role of adding IS to TCHTs; due to the nature of intelligent systems and the p...

Strategic Perspectives on Sustainable Development and Migration Issues in Turkey and Abroad

The purpose of this book is to share the output of recent multidisciplinary research in Turkey performed by several academics regarding four main themes: urban studies and sustainability, local governments, environmental and migration issues. These are a significant agenda not only in Turkey but also in other countries. One of the ...

Sustainability as a Trend for Competitiveness Challenges

Defining a future development pathway through the lens of sustainability and competitiveness is a unique trademark of any free market. Going beyond this aspect, this book is an invitation to identify relevant correlations between the circular economy, trade, adaptation to climate change, land degradation neutrality, fair-trade, cor...

The Terminology of Marine Pollution by Plastics and Microplastics

As a specialised language, the terminology of marine pollution by plastics and microplastics is composed mainly of technical-scientific terms from the field of marine ecology, along with general-language words used with a domain-specific meaning. Since there are few existing studies focusing on the linguistic-terminological aspects...

21st Century Skills and Education

Great events in history have always brought about great changes in the lifestyles of humans. Every invention, every great war and every discovery has challenged the ways in which people lived up until that point. The 21st century bears the effects of various advancements in several different parts of human life. Sometimes it is cal...

The US and the World We Inhabit

Environmental and global outlooks are currently at the center of the most lively and urgent international scholarship. This volume serves to overcome the self-referentiality of American studies by intersecting the study of American literature and history with the questions and concerns raised by these perspectives. It re-conceptual...

Critical Practices in Architecture

This book embraces the idea that in today’s complex world, multiple, emerging perspectives are critical to the design fields, the environment, and society. It also brings authors into conversation to focus on the built environment from the perspective of critical practice. The authors take as a starting point Jane Rendell’s ground-...

Essays on Life Sciences, with Related Science Fiction Stories

This collection of essays highlights, in a new, critical fashion, some of the classic questions in life science. These include “what is life?”; “what is death?”; “what is consciousness?”; “why is life cellular?”; and “why are enzymes macromolecules?”. It also explores whether evolution is pre-determined, whether science and spiritu...

Peoples, Nature and Environments

This volume brings together perspectives from scholars of different scientific backgrounds endeavouring to understand and debate the interactions and relationships between humans, nonhuman species and natural ecosystems in order to overcome the classic human/environment dichotomy. Through discussions informed by the humanities, art...

Political Ecology and Environmentalism in Britain

This collection of essays highlights the different dimensions of the contemporary British environmentalist movement from a multidisciplinary viewpoint. Beginning with an historical overview of the movement, the reader is then presented with an analysis of the politics of climate change from a political science perspective. This is ...

Vulnerability Studies in the Americas

This book is the result of a seven-year project that involved the countries of Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Canada in assessing climate change, climate change vulnerability, and adaptive capacity. It employs a unique methodology for integrating the findings brought together here, and fills a gap in academic literature in...
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