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FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014

This June, the FIFA World Cup gets underway in ‘five-times World Cup winner’ Brazil, which will also play host to the Summer Olympics in 2016. There is no question that the spiritual home of ‘the beautiful game’ is here, but with so much attention (and controversy) being placed on the South American country around these events, the clichés that are represented in the media are still strong: football, carnival, samba and violence. To reach the true cultural complexity of such an enormous country one has to cut through the stereotypes, and look beyond the purpose-built sports venues.

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Cases of Exclusion and Mobilization of Race and Ethnicities in Latin America

Editors: Marc Becker

Twenty-First Century Latin American Narrative and Postmodern Feminism

Editors: Gina Ponce de León

Masks of Identity: Representing and Performing Otherness in Latin America

Editors: Přemysl Mácha, Eloy Gómez-Pellón


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