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Barriers, Borders and Crossings in British Postcolonial Fiction

“Dr Cecilia Acquarone’s perceptive analysis of liminality in British postcolonial fiction from a gender perspective constitutes an innovative, thought-provoking and crystal-clear study of female ‘versus’ male responses to the challenges of postmodernity as exemplified by significant British postcolonial writers. The book can be jus...

Battle and Bloodshed

This collection of articles is the result of an interdisciplinary Medieval Studies conference held at the University of Sheffield in 2009. Brutality and aggression were a stark reality of everyday life in the Middle Ages; from individual rebellions through family feuds to epic wars, a history of medieval warfare could easily be rea...

Before Windrush

Before Windrush: Recovering an Asian and Black Literary Heritage within Britain is an important intervention in the growing field of Black British literary studies. Composed of essays on non-white writers living in, or writing about, Britain in the period before the post-WW II wave of immigration, the anthology testifies to the exi...


This volume is a study of the migration of cultures from Asia to North America from the earliest period of recorded history.Evidence is presented of a connection between the North American Athabaskan language family and Siberia, together with comparisons and examinations of the implications of linguistics from anthropological, arch...
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Berlin Since the Wall's End

In the nearly nineteen years since the destruction of the Wall that divided East from West Berlin, Germans have struggled with the challenges of reunification. The task has been daunting—unifying two countries with a common language but mutually hostile political and economic systems. Contrary to the optimistic predictions of 1989/...

Bethsaida in Archaeology, History and Ancient Culture

This volume is an archaeological analysis, history, and description of a key excavation of the site of biblical Bethsaida, the most important Holy Land location in the narrative of Jesus’ life. This volume presents some of the pre-eminent biblical archaeological scholars in the field, all of whom were associated with Professor John...

Between Fear and Freedom

The field of Cold War studies has recently undergone a cultural turn. Scholars from many disciplines outside – but increasingly also from within – diplomatic history have come to understand that, just as the Cold War was marked by a political and military competition, it was also characterised by a cultural one. As a result, it is ...

Beyond the Battlefields

Beyond the Battlefields explores the relationship between warfare and society in the Graeco-Roman world through the various lenses of history, art, literature and archaeology. The study of ancient warfare often evokes images of crusty old scholars pouring over battle tactics and strategy. This book, a collection of thirteen essays ...

Black and White Masculinity in the American South, 1800-2000

This book consists of a range of essays written by historians and literary critics which examine the historical construction of Southern masculinities, rich and poor, white and black, in a variety of contexts, from slavery in the antebellum period, through the struggle for Civil Rights, right up to the recent South. Building on the...

Blue Black Sea

This book presents the opinions of experts and researchers from the Black Sea states with respect to history, security, politics, strategy, energy, and economy in the region, and explains various dimensions of the present international relations and problem areas from both theoretical and conceptual perspectives.Offering the reader...

Border Crossings

Borderlands, boundaries and frontiers are crucibles for diverse cultures and multiple alternative histories. Nowhere is this truer than in the debateable lands between nation states in what is commonly known as the British Isles. This collection takes the reader on an imaginative journey inside the borders, offering a fresh perspec...

Borders and Borderlands in Contemporary Culture

It is entirely appropriate that this book should be produced in Dundalk. Located on the Northern rim of the Irish Pale, this town has straddled a border for centuries. Over the past thirty years, it has come to be closely identified with violent Republicanism both by the Unionist community in Northern Ireland and by Constitutional...
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