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Internet and Web Technology

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The Texture of Internet

Internet and Information and Communication Technologies represent the largest network of human online communication ever. Language is the material that enables communication to flow in this ever-growing digital world of emails, webs, blogs and SMS messages. And language, as always, transforms itself to meet the rapid demands of thi...

The Discourse of Tourism and National Heritage

The Discourse of Tourism and National Heritage: A Contrastive Study from a Cultural Perspective presents an in-depth research study in the field of online tourism promotion. It focuses on the national online promotion of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, on two different types of websites – institutional and commercial – from three coun...

The Impact of Innovative ICT Education and AI on the Pedagogical Paradigm

To be a good teacher, one must acquire a large set of different kinds of interdisciplinary knowledge. Education for teachers and trainers consists, in part, of learning the language of education and the appropriate associated skills. A deeper understanding of judgments and choices also requires a richer vocabulary than is available...

Computer-Mediated Communication for Business

This collection is a guide to greater communication efficiency in both clarity and time-management for any professional or aspiring professional. It guides the reader through the ways in which communicating through technology rather than face-to-face can alter their perceptions of others and the perceptions others make of them. Eac...